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J sha no nihonjin dansei Chuuzaiin no pawaaporitikkusu' [The power politics among male Japanese expatriates in J company]Wong, HW200299
(J, J′ )-lossless factorization for discrete-time systemsHung, YS; Chu, D199885
J-CAR: An efficient channel assignment and routing protocol for multi-channel multi-interface mobile ad hoc networksChiu, HS; Yeung, KL; Lui, KS2006105
J-CAR: An efficient joint channel assignment and routing protocol for IEEE 802.11-based multi-channel multi-interface mobile Ad Hoc networksChiu, HS; Yeung, KL; Lui, KS2009104
A “J-shape” association between birth weight and adult systolic blood pressure (SBP) in Hong Kong Chinese womenXie, Y; Ho, SC201298
j. Wei, Jing Yuan, G.x.shen*, Effect Of Tuning Capacitor Placement On Mutual Coupling For Mri Array CoilsWei, J; Yuan, J; Shen, GG2006171
J.J. Rousseau's Social contract and the emergence of republican ideas in modern China, 1895-1911Lam, Kai-yin.; 林啓彥1984447
J1 acylase, a glutaryl-7-aminocephalosporanic acid acylase from Bacillus laterosporus J1, is a member of the α/β-hydrolase fold superfamilyYau, MH; Wang, J; Tsang, PWK; Fong, WP2006120
Jacob Grimm, Fredrich Pott, August SchleicherHutton, CM1995163
Jacobi stability of the vacuum in the static spherically symmetric brane world modelsHarko, T; Sabau, VS2008186
A Jacobian-based Redundant Control Strategy for the 7-DOF WAMLau, HYK; Wai, LCC2002631
Jade or JADE? Debating international sanctions on Burma’s gem industryEgreteau, R201181
Jade, migration, and conflict across the Yunnan-Burma bordersEgreteau, R2012135
JADE: A distributed Java application for deleterious genomic mutation (DGM) estimationLi, JL; Li, MX; Guo, YF; Deng, HY; Deng, HW200661
Jahn-Teller effect and stability of the charge-ordered state in La1-xCaxMnO3 (0.5 <= x <= 0.9) manganitesLi, XG; Zheng, RK; Li, G; Zhou, HD; Huang, RX; Xie, JQ; Wang, Z2002371
Jailed side branches: Fate of unapposed struts studied with 3D frequency-domain optical coherence tomographyFoin, N; Viceconte, N; Chan, PH; Lindsay, AC; Krams, R; Di Mario, C201112
JAK-STAT pathway as potential target of acute myeloid leukemiaHan, Ho-chun.; 韓浩俊.2012110
Jakarta: Architecture + AdaptationTurpin, E; Bobbette, AW; Miller, M201353
Jakarta: design research and the futures of hypercomplexityBobbette, AW; Miller, M; Turpin, E201244
Jalan Leban (music to ‘Lord of the Church’- words by Timothy Dudley-Smith)Chua, DKL2006146
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