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H 2 imaging of three proto-planetary and young planetary nebulaeVolk, K; Hrivnak, BJ; Kwok, S200465
¹H and ³¹P brain magnetic resonance spectroscopy in agingChiu, Pui-wai.; 趙沛慧.2011208
H i free-bound emission of planetary nebulae with large abundance discrepancies: Two-component models versus κ-distributed electronsZhang, Y; Liu, XW; Zhang, B20149
H Permeability of apical membrane vesicles from the upper gastrointestinal tractWilkes, JM; Ballard, HJ; Hirst, BH198849
H Pylori eradication vs H pylori eradication combined with proton pump inhibitor in prevention of aspirin induced peptic ulcer complications. [Oral presentation at the 6th medical Research conference, University of Hong Kong, 13-14 January]Lai, KC; Lam, SK; Chu, KM; Hui, WM; Wong, BCY; Hu, HC; Wong, WM; Yuen, MF; Chan, OO; Lai, CL; Lau, G; Chan, CK2001108
H ∞ and passivity control via static and integral output feedback for systems with input delayDu, B; Lam, J; Shu, Z2012105
H ∞ and positive-real control for linear neutral delay systemsXu, S; Lam, J; Yang, C2001672
H ∞ Filtering for Singular SystemsXu, S; Lam, J; Zou, Y2003394
H ∞ model reduction for singular systems: continuous-time caseXu, S; Lam, J; Liu, W; Zhang, Q200369
H ∞ model reduction of 2-D dingular roesser modelsXu, H; Zou, Y; Xu, S; Lam, J; Wang, Q200569
H ∞ positive filtering for positive linear discrete-time systems: An augmentation approachLi, P; Lam, J; Shu, Z2010528
H 股績效研究Song, FM2005110
H-Cu-P絡合物在有機合成中的應用Li, ZN; Liu, GL; Chiu, P2008233
H-infinity filter design for quantum stochastic systemsMeng, X; Lam, J; Gao, H2008124
H-infinity versus Kalman filtering for depth estimationHung, YS; Yang, F1999165
H-type tracheo-oesophageal fistula: appearance on three-dimensional computed tomography and virtual bronchoscopy (Case Report)Le, SDV; Lam, WWM; Tam, PKH; Cheng, W; Chan, FL2001108
H-vacancy complex VInH4 abundance and its influences in n-type LEC InPFung, S; Zhao, Y; Sun, N; Beling, CD; Chen, X; Bi, K; Wu, X; Zhang, J; Sun, T2000160
H. pylori eradication in prevention of gastric cancerWong, BCY200882
H. pylori eradication in the prevention of gastric cancerWong, BCY200783
H. Pylori eradication vs combined proton pump inhibitor and H. pylori eradication in the prevention of recurrent peptic ulcer complications in high-risk patients receiving low-dose aspirinLai, KC; Lam, SK; Chu, KM; Hui, WM; Wong, CY; Hu, W; Wong, WM; Yuen, MF; Chan, OO; Lai, CL; Lau, KK; Chan, CK200188
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