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2013 S1PHYO20021ALife Sciences II (Physiology & Biochemistry)
Ho, Wen Ying Joanna
2013 S1CCST90291ACyberspace Crime: Technology and Ethics
2017-18 Semester 2CIVL60472ATraffic management and control
Wong, Chung Chuen Joseph
2016-17 Semester 1BPHM21151AMicrobiology and Immunology
Ng, Sze Park
Tsang, Yuen Wo Warren
Wang, Kin Fong Teresa
2013 S2SOWK62482AAddictive behaviour
2013 S1PCLL80141ACivil Advocacy
Hui, Norman
2017-18 Semester 1JAPN11881CJapanese language II (Part 1)
Sakaguchi, Kaori
2015-16 Semester 2JDOC62322AClinical Legal Education Progamme - Refugee Stream
2013 S2GRSC60202FCore Course I - Introduction to Thesis Writing ( The Humanities & Related Disciplines )
Wang, Wenfeng
Wong, Lai Ching Lillian
2017-18 Semester 1CAES10001E1Core University English
Chiba Mereu, Akiko
2015-16 Semester 1CHIN21461AThe "sickly beauties": gender and illness in late imperial China
2013 S1ENGG11111CComputer programming and applications
2015-16 Semester 1NURS33021ANursing Theories and Models
Hui, Gladys
Lau, Wai Tat
2014 S1BUSI00851AAdvanced topics in taxation
2013 S2ARCH20572DArchitectural Design 1
Lim, Jae Hyun
2016-17 Semester 1MITE60231AInformation technology and educational leadership
2014 S1POLI30101ADemocracy and its critics
2015-16 Semester 1ENGG12011AEngineering for sustainable development
2014 S1BPHM30051AToxicology and Drug Abuse
Tam, Sidney
2016-17 Semester 1MAES70061BMethods of Research and Enquiry in TESOL
Ngeow, Yeok Hwa Karen