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On the relation between action selection and movement control in 5- to 9-month-old infantsvan Wermeskerken, M; van der Kamp, J; Savelsbergh, GJP2011135
Distinct visual thresholds for egocentric and allocentric information pick up?De Wit, M; van der Kamp, J; Masters, R201150
Target-directed vision in action-specific perceptionCanal-Bruland, R; van der Kamp, J; Zhu, FF; Masters, RSW201048
A Judd illusion in far-aiming: evidence of a contribution to action by vision for perceptionvan der Kamp, J; van Doorn, H; Masters, RSW2009178
Taking a conscious look at the body schemaMaxwell, JP; Masters, RSW; van der Kamp, J200788
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