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Synthesis of n-port resistive networks containing 2n terminals
International Journal of Circuit Theory & Applications
Chen, MZ; Wang, K; Yin, M; Li, C; Zuo, Z; Chen, G201426
A new pricing scheme for controlling energy storage devices in smart grid
American Control Conference Proceedings
American Automatic Control Council.
Zhu, J; Chen, MZ; Zuo, Z; Du, B201438
Realizability of n-port resistive networks with 2n terminals
Asian Control Conference Proceedings
IEEE. The Journal's web site is located at
Chen, MZ; Wang, K; Yin, M; Li, C; Zuo, Z; Chen, G201390
The anti-cancer agent SU4312 unexpectedly protects against MPP(+) -induced neurotoxicity via selective and direct inhibition of neuronal NOS
British Journal of Pharmacology
Cui, W; Zhang, Z; Li, W; Hu, S; Mak, S; Zhang, H; Han, R; Yuan, S; Li, S; Sa, F; Xu, D; Lin, Z; Zuo, Z; Rong, J; Ma, ED; Choi, TC; Lee, SM; Han, Y2013129
New criteria of reachable set estimation for time delay systems subject to polytopic uncertainties
IFAC Proceedings
International Federation of Automatic Control.
Zuo, Z; Chen, Y; Wang, Y; Chen, MZ2012211
On finite-time stability for nonlinear impulsive switched systems
Nonlinear Analysis Series B: Real World Applications
Wang, Y; Shi, X; Zuo, Z; Chen, MZ; Shao, Y2012185
Robust H ∞ control of discrete-time Markovian jump systems in the presence of incomplete knowledge of transition probabilities and saturating actuator
International Journal of Robust and Nonlinear Control
John Wiley & Sons Ltd. The Journal's web site is located at
Wang, Y; Sun, Y; Zuo, Z; Chen, MZ2012199
Guarded Parsing of Chinese Sentence without Word Segmentation
Proceeding of International Computer Symposium
Leung, CH; Chan, KP; Zuo, Z; Liu, GY1998169
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