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Design and analysis of a HTS flux-switching machine for wind energy conversionWang, Y; Sun, J; Zou, Z; Wang, Z; Chau, KT201329
A 3-D time-domain coupled model for nonlinear waves acting on a box-shaped ship fixed in a harborWang, D; Zou, Z; Tham, LG2011149
Gray matter density negatively correlates with duration of heroin use in young lifetime heroin-dependent individualsYuan, Y; Zhu, Z; Shi, J; Zou, Z; Yuan, F; Liu, Y; Lee, TMC; Weng, X2009150
A three-dimensional coupled numerical model of nonlinear waves in a harborWang, D; Zou, Z; Tham, LG; Tang, C200891
Transient response of coplanar interfacial cracks between two dissimilar piezoelectric strips under anti-plane mechanical and in-plane electrical impactsSu, RKL; Feng, W; Liu, J; Zou, Z2003298
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