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Distinction Between Team-based Self-esteem And Company-based Self-esteem In The Construction IndustryDing, Z; Ng, FF; Wang, J; Zou, L201219
Gold-mediated bifunctional modification of oligosaccharides via a three-component coupling reactionKung, KKY; Li, GL; Zou, L; Chong, HC; Leung, YC; Wong, KH; Lo, VKY; Che, CM; Wong, MK2012111
Recent developments in forward osmosis: Opportunities and challengesZhao, S; Zou, L; Tang, CY; Mulcahy, D201235
Genetic abnormalities of NF-kB regulators in ocular adnexal MALT lymphoma and gastrointestinal DLBCLZeng, N; Dong, G; Bi, Y; Chanudet, E; Huang, Y; Appert, A; Chen, WYW; Au, WY; Hamoudi, RA; Watkins, AJ; Ye, H; Liu, H; Zhu, X; Zou, L; Chen, R; Gao, Z; Chuang, SS; Srivastava, G; Du, MQ2011145
Study design and the preliminary results on the modes of smoking cessation in general hospitals (in Chinese)He, Y; Lam, TH; Jiang, B; Liu, QH; Zuo, F; Sai, XY; Zhou, CX; Zou, L; Wu, L; Cheng, KK; Chan, SSC2011547
Altered microRNA expression profile with miR-146a upregulation in CD4 + T cells from patients with rheumatoid arthritisLi, J; Wan, Y; Guo, Q; Zou, L; Zhang, J; Fang, Y; Zhang, J; Zhang, J; Fu, X; Liu, H; Lu, L; Wu, Y2010207
Effect of sonic hedgehog on the proliferation and differentiation of neural stem cellsZou, L; Guo, JS; Dai, X; Dai, JX; Dong, WR; An, J; Wu, WT2009126
Neuroprotective effect of Coenzyme Q10 on ischemic hemisphere in aged mice with mutations in the amyloid precursor proteinLi, G; Zou, L; Jack Jr, CR; Yang, Y; Yang, ES200791
Cerebral ischemia induces neuronal damage in APP/PS1 double transgenic mice via activation of JNK/P38 pathwayZou, L; Tang, F; Cheung, RTF200482
A dynamic computed tomographic study of chronic ischemia in patients with unilateral or bilateral severe stenosis or unilateral moderate stenosis of the internal carotid arteryCheung, RTF; Zou, L; Cheng, PW; Lee, TY200488
Chronic ischemia in patients with unilateral occlusion of the internal carotid artery or intracranial stenosis onlyCheung, RTF; Zou, L; Au Yeung, KM; Lee, TY200482
Presenilin-1 (PS1) increased susceptibility to photothrombotic stroke and post-stroke memory impairment in transgenic mice overexpressing amyloid precursor protein (APP)Zou, L; Tang, F; Cheung, RTF200471
Original versus modified ICH scores in predicting mortality and morbidity after intracerebral hemorrhageCheung, RTF; Zou, L2003101
Mice overexpressing amyloid precursor protein (APP) and harbouring presenilin-1 (PS1) gene are more susceptible to photothrombotic stroke and post-stroke memory impairment than APP transgenic miceZou, L; Tang, F; Cheung, RTF200359
Quantitative computed tomographic (CT) measurements of cerebral perfusion in patients with unilateral severe stenosis or total occlusion of internal carotid artery (ICA)Cheung, RTF; Zou, L; Cheng, PW; Lee, TY200287
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