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Evolutionary and molecular analysis of the emergent severe fever with thrombocytopenia syndrome virusLam, TTY; Liu, W; Bowden, TA; Cui, N; Zhuang, L; Liu, K; Zhang, YY; Cao, WC; Pybus, OG201394
Subgingival microbiota related to pocket probing depth in Sri-Lankan tea-laborersZhuang, L; Watt, RM; Wang, R; Lang-Hua, BH; Ramseier, CA; Lang, NP201334
Identification of a novel lipase gene mutated in lpd mice with hypertriglyceridemia and associated with dyslipidemia in humansWen, XY; Hegele, RA; Wang, J; Yan Wang, D; Cheung, J; Wilson, M; Yahyapour, M; Bai, Y; Zhuang, L; Skaug, J; Young, TK; Connelly, PW; Koop, BF; Tsui, LC; Stewart, AK2003710
Steroidogenic factor-1 is an essential transcriptional activator for gonad-specific expression of promoter I of the rat prolactin receptor geneHu, Z; Zhuang, L; Guan, X; Meng, J; Dufau, ML199781
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