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The adaptor protein APPL2 inhibits insulin-stimulated glucose uptake by interacting with TBC1D1 in skeletal muscle
Cheng, KY; Zhu, W; CHEN, B; Wang, Y; Wu, D; Sweeney, G; WANG, B; Lam, KSL; Xu, A201419
Clinical efficacy and sEMG analysis of a new traditional Chinese medicine therapy in the treatment of spasticity following apoplectic hemiparalysis.
Acta Neurologica Belgica
Zhu, W; Zheng, G; GU, Y; CHEN, X; Jin, Y; Zhang, G; Huang, J; Shen, J201411
Genetic tuning of the novel avian influenza A(H7N9) virus during interspecies transmission, China, 2013.
Euro Surveill.
Wang, D; Yang, L; Gao, R; Zhang, X; Tan, Y; Wu, A; Zhu, W; Zhou, J; Zou, S; Li, X; Sun, Y; Zhang, Y; Liu, Y; Liu, T; Xiong, Y; Xu, J; Chen, L; Weng, Y; Qi, X; Guo, J; Li, X; Dong, J; Huang, W; Zhang, Y; Dong, L; Zhao, X; Liu, L; Lu, J; Lan, Y; Wei, H; Xin, L; Chen, Y; Xu, C; Chen, T; Zhu, Y; Jiang, T; Feng, Z; Yang, W; Wang, Y; Zhu, H; Guan, Y; Gao, G; Li, D; Han, J; Wang, S; Wu, G; Shu, Y201414
Joint online transcoding and geo-distributed delivery for dynamic adaptive streaming
IEEE Infocom Proceedings
IEEE Computer Society. The Journal's web site is located at
Wang, Z; Sun, L; Wu, C; Zhu, W; Yang, S20147
Mucosal Priming with a Replicating-Vaccinia Virus-Based Vaccine Elicits Protective Immunity to Simian Immunodeficiency Virus Challenge in Rhesus Monkeys
Journal of Virology
Sun, C; Chen, Z; TANG, X; Zhang, Y; Feng, L; Du, Y; xiao, L; Liu, L; Zhu, W; Chen, L201368
SOAP3-dp: Fast, Accurate and Sensitive GPU-Based Short Read Aligner
Public Library of Science. The Journal's web site is located at
Luo, R; Wong, T; Zhu, J; Liu, CM; Zhu, X; Wu, E; Lee, LK; Lin, H; Zhu, W; Cheung, DWL; Ting, HF; Yiu, SM; Peng, S; Yu, C; Li, Y; Li, R; Lam, TW2013121
New journal of traditional Chinese medicine
Xin Zhong yi bian ji bu (新中醫編輯部).
Zhu, W; Zheng, G; Huang, JP; Jing, YX; Liu, W; Shen, J2013101
A Closed-Loop Bid Adjustment Method of Dynamic Task Allocation of Robots
Lecture Notes in Electrical Engineering
Springer Netherlands. The Journal's web site is located at
Choi, SH; Zhu, W20139
Circulating adipocyte fatty acid-binding protein levels are independently associated with heart failure
Clinical Science
Portland Press Ltd. The Journal's web site is located at
Liu, M; Zhou, M; Bao, Y; Xu, Z; Li, H; Zhang, H; Zhu, W; Zhang, J; Xu, A; Jia, W201340
Effects of Jiejing Mixture Combined with Rehabilitation Exercises on Spasticity after Apoplectic Hempa ralysis and the Corresponding Surface Electromyography Alterations
Zhejiang Journal of Integrated Traditional Chinese and Western Medicine
Zhejiang Zhong xi yi jie he za zhi bian ji bu (浙江中西醫結合雜誌編輯部). The Journal's web site is located at
Zhu, W; Jing, YX; Huang, JP; Zhang, GW; Wu, HJ; Shen, J2013128
Regeneration of dental pulp tissue in immature teeth with apical periodontitis using platelet-rich plasma and dental pulp cells
International Endodontic Journal
Zhu, W; Zhu, X; Huang, GT-J; Cheung, GSP; Dissanayaka, WL; Zhang, C2013136
Latency-aware Dynamic Voltage and Frequency Scaling on Many-core Architecture for Data-intensive Applications
2013 International Conference on Cloud Computing and Big Data (CloudCom-Asia 2013), Fuzhou, China, Dec. 16-18, 2013.
Lai, Z; Lam, KT; Wang, CL; Su, J; Yan, Y; Zhu, W20134
Transplantation of dental pulp stem ells and platelet-rich plasma for pulp regeneration
Journal of Endodontics
Zhu, X; Zhang, C; Huang, GT-J; Cheung, GSP; Dissanayaka, WL; Zhu, W201290
EZH2 supports nasopharyngeal carcinoma cell aggressiveness by forming a co-repressor complex with HDAC1/HDAC2 and Snail to inhibit E-cadherin
Nature Publishing Group. The Journal's web site is located at
Tong, ZT; Cai, MY; Wang, XG; Kong, LL; Mai, SJ; Liu, YH; Zhang, HB; Liao, YJ; Zheng, F; Zhu, W; Liu, TH; Bian, XW; Guan, XY; Lin, MC; Zeng, MS; Zeng, YX; Kung, HF; Xie, D2012288
Caveolin-1 regulates nitric oxide-mediated matrix metalloproteinases activity and blood-brain barrier permeability in focal cerebral ischemia and reperfusion injury
Journal of Neurochemistry
Blackwell Publishing Ltd.
Gu, Y; Zheng, G; Xu, M; Li, Y; Chen, X; Zhu, W; Tong, Y; Chung, SK; Liu, KJ; Shen, J2012252
Performance optimisation of mobile robots for search-and-rescue
International Conference on Mechanics, Simulation and Control, ICMSC 2012
Choi, SH; Zhu, W201285
Novel valley and spin physics in monolayer MoS2
APS March Meeting 2012
American Physical Society.
Xiao, D; Liu, G; Zhu, W; Xu, X; Yao, W2012159
Resistive Switching Behavior of Partially Anodized Aluminum Thin Film at Elevated Temperatures
IEEE Transactions on Electron Devices
Zhu, W; Chen, TP; Yang, M; Liu, Y; Fung, SHY2012129
Mapping the central effects of chronic ketamine administration in an adolescent primate model by functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI)
Elsevier BV. The Journal's web site is located at
Yu, H; Li, Q; Wang, D; Shi, L; Lu, G; Sun, L; Wang, L; Zhu, W; Mak, YT; Wong, N; Wang, Y; Pan, F; Yew, DT2012216
Conduction mechanisms at low- and high-resistance states in aluminum/anodic aluminum oxide/aluminum thin film structure
Journal of Applied Physics
American Institute of Physics. The Journal's web site is located at
Zhu, W; Chen, TP; Liu, Y; Fung, SHY2012229
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