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Possible-selves: concept and applications for individuals in recovery from mental health problemsTse, S; Zhu, S201322
Topological Bose-Mott Insulators in a One-Dimensional Optical SuperlatticeZhu, S; Wang, Z; Chan, YH; Duan, LM201375
Superfluid and magnetic states of an ultracold Bose gas with synthetic three-dimensional spin-orbit coupling in an optical latticeZhang, D; Chen, J; Shan, C; Wang, Z; Zhu, S201327
The urgency of now: Building recovery-oriented, community-based mental health services in ChinaTse, SSK; Ran, M; Huang, YQ; Zhu, S201338
Tunable interfaces for realizing universal quantum computation with topological qubitsXue, Z; Shao, L; Hu, Y; Zhu, S; Wang, Z201331
Development of the Mandarin Tone Identification Test (MTIT).Wong, LLN; Zhu, S201253
Assessment of Mandarin tone preception and vocabulary development in pre-school children.Wong, LLN; Lu, X; Zhu, S; Xi, X201267
A quantitative modeling of the contributions of localized surface plasmon resonance and interband transitions to absorbance of gold nanoparticlesZhu, S; Chen, TP; Liu, YC; Liu, Y; Fung, S2012157
Assessment of Mandarin tone perception and vocabulary development in pre-school childrenWong, L; Lu, X; Zhu, S; Wong, AMY; Xi, X201231
The Mandarin Tone Perception Test.Zhu, S; Wong, LLN201269
Particle-number fractionalization of a one-dimensional atomic Fermi gas with synthetic spin-orbit couplingZhang, D; Shao, L; Xue, ZY; Yan, H; Wang, Z; Zhu, S201238
Using incognito lingual appliance on impacted toothYang, Y; Zhu, S2011122
Sub-scene generation: a step towards complex scene understandingZhu, S; Yung, NHC2011115
Derivative markets in China: Guest editors' introductionHsu, BFC; Pu, L; Zhu, S201069
舌侧正畸治疗常用弓丝的弯制Zhu, S; Yang, Y; Zhao, H; Liu, Y2010104
戴用固定矫治器阶段常用丝和作用曲的弯制Yang, Y; Zhu, S; Li, XT201099
Authigenic and biogenic minerals in volcanic hot springs of Kamchatka, RussiaLi, Y; Zhu, S2010140
Quartz nanoparticles in 2461-2495 million years old banded iron formation from Dales Gorge, Hamersley, Western AustraliaZhu, S; Li, Y2010223
Alterations of gastric homeoprotein expression in helicobacter pylori infection, incisural antralisation, and intestinal metaplasiaZhu, S; Xia, HHX; Yang, Y; Ma, J; Chen, M; Hu, P; Gu, Q; Liang, Y; Lin, H; Wong, BCY2009180
Indirect orthodontic bracket bonding technique and a review of the literatureNg, AFS; Zhu, S; Wong, RWK; Hagg, EUO; Wiechmann, D2009185
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