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Organic triplet excited states of gold(I) complexes with oligo(o- or m-phenyleneethynylene) ligands: conjunction of steady-state and time-resolved spectroscopic studies on exciton delocalization and emission pathwaysLu, W; Kwok, WM; Ma, C; Chan, CTL; Zhu, MX; Che, CM2011103
Organo- and hydrogelators based on luminescent monocationic terpyridyl platinum(II) complexes with biphenylacetylide ligandsWang, J; Chen, Y; Law, YC; Li, M; Zhu, MX; Lu, W; Chui, SSY; Zhu, N; Che, CM201190
Structures and solvatochromic phosphorescence of dicationic terpyridyl-platinum(II) complexes with foldable oligo(ortho-phenyleneethynylene) bridging ligandsZhu, MX; Lu, W; Zhu, N; Che, CM200867
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