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Different view on the function of gallbladderZhu, L; Li, L201321
A randomized controlled trial of the effectiveness of a therapeutic play intervention on outcomes of children undergoing inpatient elective surgery: study protocolHe, HG; Zhu, L; Li, WHC; Vehviläinen-Julkunen, K; Chan, SWC201330
Common and specific dental plaque microbiomes of human and giant-pandaSeneviratne, CJ; Lok, S; Tong, A; Kot, CCS; Martelli, P; Chan, TF; Yim, AK; Yu, C; Zhu, L; Samaranayake, LP; Jin, L201335
Biodiesel from Zophobas morio larva oil: Process optimization and FAME characterizationLeung, D; Yang, D; Li, Z; Zhao, Z; Chen, J; Zhu, L2012190
Microwave Bandpass Filters for Wideband CommunicationsZhu, L; Sun, S; Li, R2012155
The Ninth Pacific Rim Conference on Stellar Astrophysics: proceedings of a conference held at Lijiang, China in 14-20 April 2011Qian, S; Leung, K; Zhu, L; Kwok, S2012102
Angular uniform white light-emitting diodes with an internal reflector cupZhu, L; Wang, XH; Lai, PT; Choi, HW201178
A dual-mode dual-band bandpass filter using a single slot ring resonatorLuo, S; Zhu, L; Sun, S2011119
Vertically mounted InGaN-on-Sapphire light-emitting diodesZhu, L; Ma, ZT; Lai, PT; Choi, HW201184
Compact dual-mode triple-band bandpass filters using three pairs of degenerate modes in a ring resonatorLuo, S; Zhu, L; Sun, S2011102
New studies on microstrip ring resonators for compact dual-mode dual- and triple-band bandpass filtersLuo, S; Zhu, L; Sun, S201169
Fiber-coupled light-emitting diode with a capillary-bonded hemispherical lensZhu, L; Huang, SY; Lai, PT; Choi, HW201195
Plasmonically enhanced quantum-dot white-light InGaN light-emitting diodeMak, GY; Zhu, L; Ma, Z; Huang, SY; Lam, EY; Choi, HW2011190
Microlens array on flip-chip LED patterned with an ultraviolet micro-pixelated emitterZhu, L; Lai, PT; Choi, HW2011169
Vertically-mounted LEDs for superior light extractionZhu, L; Lai, PT; Choi, HW2010122
An emissive GaN micro-LED array for visible-light multi-channel communicationZhu, L; Lai, PT; Choi, HW2010127
LED with integrated microlens array patterned by an ultraviolet linear micro-LED arrayZhu, L; Lai, PT; Choi, HW2010158
A dual-band ring-resonator bandpass filter based on two pairs of degenerate modesLuo, S; Zhu, L; Sun, S2010121
Optimization of resource allocation for the downlink of multiuser MISO-OFDM systemsZhu, L; Yeung, KL2010152
Angularly uniform white light-emitting diodes using an integrated reflector cupZhu, L; Wang, XH; Lai, PT; Choi, HW2010241
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