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Current-induced spin polarization in 2-dimensional hole gasLiu, CX; Zhou, B; Shen, SQ; Zhu, BF200962
Current-induced spin polarization in a two-dimensional hole gasLiu, CX; Zhou, B; Shen, SQ; Zhu, BF2008126
Effects of electron-phonon interaction on quantum transport through single molecule transistorChen, ZZ; Lu, HZ; Lü, R; Zhu, BF200781
Quantum interference through parallel-coupled Double Quantum DotsLu, H; Chen, ZZ; Lu, R; Zhu, BF200772
Fano effect through parallel-coupled double Coulomb islandsLu, H; Lu, R; Zhu, BF200678
Phonon-assisted Kondo effect in a single-molecule transistor out of equilibriumChen, ZZ; Lu, H; Lü, R; Zhu, BF200697
Tunable Fano effect in parallel-coupled double quantum dot systemLu, H; Lü, R; Zhu, BF2005105
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