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Influence of cracks at the platform on hydrologic response of loess slopeWu, CX; Dai, FC; Min, H; Tu, XB; Kwong, AKL; Zhou, YF2011136
Topographic features and initiation of earth flows on Heifangtai loess plateauWu, CX; Xu, L; Dai, FC; Min, H; Tham, LG; Kwong, AKL; Zhou, YF2011138
Field testing of irrigation effects on the stability of a cliff edge in loess, North-west ChinaXu, L; Dai, FC; Tham, LG; Tu, XB; Min, H; Zhou, YF; Wu, CX; Xu, K2011204
Intravenously administered BMSCs reduce neuronal apoptosis and promote neuronal proliferation through the release of VEGF after stroke in ratsDeng, YB; Ye, WB; Hu, ZZ; Yan, Y; Wang, Y; Takon, BF; Zhou, GQ; Zhou, YF201076
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