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Effects of somatostatin, octreotide and pitressin plus nitroglycerine on systemic and portal haemodynamics in the control of acute variceal bleedingZhang, HB; Wong, BCY; Zhou, XM; Guo, XG; Zhao, SJ; Wang, JH; Wu, KC; Ding, J; Lam, SK; Fan, DM2002111
Inhibition of proteasome function induced apoptosis in gastric cancerFan, XM; Wong, BCY; Wang, WP; Zhou, XM; Cho, CH; Yuen, ST; Leung, SY; Lin, MCM; Kung, HF; Lam, SK2001102
Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs induce apoptosis in gastric cancer cells through up-regulation of bax and bakZhou, XM; Wong, BCY; Fan, XM; Zhang, HB; Lin, MCM; Kung, HF; Fan, DM; Lam, SK200196
Specific cyclooxygenase-2 (COX-2) inhibitor induce apoptosis in gastric cancer cellsFan, XM; Lam, SK; Zhou, XM; Wang, WP; Cho, CH; Leung, SY; Yuen, ST; Lin, MC; Kung, H200079
Induced gastric mucosal apoptosis in Helicobacter pylori positive patients taking low lose aspirin: a 6-month case-control studyZhou, XM; Lai, KC; Lam, SK; Zhang, HB; Lan, XR; Fan, XM; Hui, WM; Fan, DM; Wong, BCY200075
The Decade's Advances in Capillary Electrophorsis (published in CD format)Chen, Y; Ding, YS; Fung, YS; Li, SF; Lin, BC; Liu, GQ; Ma, YF; Zhou, XM2000103
Light-emitting diode device from a luminescent organocopper(I) compoundMa, YG; Chan, WH; Zhou, XM; Che, CM1999132
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