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The accuracy of sizing of the femoral component in total knee replacementNg, FY; Jiang, X; Zhou, W; Chiu, PKY; Yan, CH; Fok, MWM201330
Prediction of Protein-Protein Interactions Based on Molecular Interface Features and the Support Vector MachineZhou, W; Yan, H; Fan, X; Hao, Q201329
Personalized prediction of EGFR mutation-induced drug resistance in lung cancerWang, DD; Zhou, W; Yan, H; Wong, MP; Lee, VHF201330
Analysis of surface structures of hydrogen bonding in protein-ligand interactions using the alpha shape modelZhou, W; Yan, H; Hao, Q201285
Optimal selling time in stock market over a finite time horizonYam, SCP; Yung, SP; Zhou, W201297
Genome-wide survey of recurrent HBV integration in hepatocellular carcinomaSung, WK; Zheng, H; Li, S; Chen, R; Liu, X; Li, Y; Lee, NP; Lee, WH; Ariyaratne, PN; Tennakoon, C; Mulawadi, FH; Wong, KF; Liu, AM; Poon, RT; Fan, ST; Chan, KL; Gong, Z; Hu, Y; Lin, Z; Wang, G; Zhang, Q; Barber, TD; Chou, WC; Aggarwal, A; Hao, K; Zhou, W; Zhang, C; Hardwick, J; Buser, C; Xu, J; Kan, Z; Dai, H; Mao, M; Reinhard, C; Wang, J; Luk, JM2012207
A unified 'bang-bang' principle with respect to R-invariant performance benchmarksYam, SCP; Yung, SP; Zhou, W201226
Selective laser sintered Poly(L-Lactide)/Carbonated hydroxyapatite nanocomposite scaffolds: a bottom-up approachZhou, W; Wang, M; Cheung, WL2011110
Isothermal and nonisothermal crystallization kinetics of Poly(L-Lactide)/Carbonated hydroxyapatite nanocomposite microspheresZhou, W; Duan, B; Wang, M; Cheung, WL2011119
Crystallization kinetics of apatite-biopolymer nanocompositesZhou, W2011122
Prediction of protein-protein interactions using alpha shape modelingZhou, W; Yan, H; Fan, X; Hao, Q2011109
Structural and functional insight into the mechanism of an alkaline exonuclease from Laribacter hongkongensisYang, W; Chen, WY; Wang, H; Ho, JWS; Huang, JD; Woo, PCY; Lau, SKP; Yuen, KY; Zhang, Q; Zhou, W; Bartlam, M; Watt, RM; Rao, Z2011337
Channel estimation and data detection for OFDM systems over fast-fading and dispersive channelsZhou, W; Lam, WH201084
Selective laser sintering of poly(L-Lactide)/Carbonated hydroxyapatite nanocomposite porous scaffolds for bone tissue engineeringZhou, W; Wang, M; Cheung, WL; Ip, WY201084
Phospholipase c delta 1 is a novel 3p22.3 tumor suppressor involved in cytoskeleton organization, with its epigenetic silencing correlated with high-stage gastric cancerHu, XT; Zhang, FB; Fan, YC; Shu, XS; Wong, AHY; Zhou, W; Shi, QL; Tang, HM; Fu, L; Guan, XY; Rha, SY; Tao, Q; He, C2009130
Channel estimation and data detection for OFDM systems over fast fading channelsZhou, W; Lam, WH200969
Two rationales behind the 'buy-and-hold or sell-at-once' strategyYam, SCP; Yung, SP; Zhou, W200982
A fast LMMSE channel estimation method for OFDM systemsZhou, W; Lam, WH2009748
Totally Bioresorbable Tissue Engineering Scaffolds Based on Ca-P/PHBV Nanocomposite and Fabricated via Selective Laser Sintering: Part I. Synthesis of Ca-P and Manufacture of Ca-P/PHBV Nanocomposite MicrospheresDuan, B; Wang, M; Zhou, W; Cheung, WL2008128
Selective laser sintering of Poly(L-Lactide) porous scaffolds for bone tissue engineeringLee, SH; Zhou, W; Wang, M; Cheung, WL; Ip, WY2008414
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