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Urine as a source of stem cells.Benda, C; Zhou, T; Wang, X; Tian, W; Grillari, J; Tse, HF; Grillari-Voglauer, R; Pei, D; Esteban, MA201324
Modeling of Friedreich ataxia-related iron overloading cardiomyopathy using patient-specific-induced pluripotent stem cells.Lee, YK; Ho, WL; Schick, R; Lau, VYM; Lai, KWH; Zhou, T; Li, Y; Ng, KM; Ho, SL; Esteban, MA; Binah, O; Tse, HF; Siu, DCW201332
Probing the superconducting pairing symmetry from spin excitations in BiS2 based superconductorsZhou, T; Wang, Z201318
Revealing Majorana fermion states in a superfluid of cold atoms subject to a harmonic potentialZhou, T; Wang, Z201316
A protocol for generating human induced pluripotent stem cells from urine samplesZhou, T; Benda, C; Duzinger, S; Huang, Y; Li, X; Wang, Y; Zhuang, Q; Bao, X; Tse, HF; Brillari, J; Grillari-Voglauer, R; Pei, D; Esteban, A201228
A minimum single-band model for low-energy excitations in superconducting A xFe 2-ySe 2Zhou, T; Wang, ZD201274
Aggregation pattern transitions by slightly varying the attractive/repulsive functionCheng, Z; Zhang, HT; Chen, MZQ; Zhou, T; Valeyev, NV2011105
Generation of induced pluripotent stem cell lines from 3 distinct laminopathies bearing heterogeneous mutations in lamin A/CHo, JCY; Zhou, T; Lai, WH; Huang, Y; Chan, YC; Li, X; Wong, NLY; Li, Y; Au, KW; Guo, D; Xu, J; Siu, CW; Pei, D; Tse, HF; Esteban, MA2011475
Generation of induced pluripotent stem cells from urineZhou, T; Benda, C; Duzinger, S; Huang, Y; Li, X; Li, Y; Guo, X; Cao, G; Chen, S; Hao, L; Chan, YC; Ng, KM; Ho, JC; Wieser, M; Wu, J; Redl, H; Tse, HF; Grillari, J; GrillariVoglauer, R; Pei, D; Esteban, MA20111,439
Multi-channel Hammerstein identificationWei, Y; Zhang, HT; Chen, MZ; Zhou, T201055
Spatially quantifying the leadership effectiveness in collective behaviorZhang, HT; Wang, N; Chen, MZQ; Su, RQ; Zhou, T; Zhou, C2010121
Improve consensus via decentralized predictive mechanismsZhang, HT; Chen, MZQ; Zhou, T2009120
Predictive protocol of flocks with small-world connection patternZhang, HT; Chen, MZQ; Zhou, T2009155
Structural basis of immune evasion at the site of CD4 attachment on HIV-1 gp120Chen, L; Do Kwon, Y; Zhou, T; Wu, X; O'Dell, S; Cavacini, L; Hessell, AJ; Pancera, M; Tang, M; Xu, L; Yang, ZY; Zhang, MY; Arthos, J; Burton, DR; Dimitrov, DS; Nabel, GJ; Posner, MR; Sodroski, J; Wyatt, R; Mascola, JR; Kwong, PD2009371
Ultrafast consensus via predictive mechanismsZhang, HT; Zhiqiang Chen, M; Zhou, T; Stan, GB200884
Multitypes of ore-forming fluid systems in the Mesozoic polymetallic middle and lower reaches of the Yangtze River area mineralization belt, ChinaZhou, T; Yuan, F; Fan, Y; Cooke, D; Zhao, G2008116
Granites in the Sawuer region of the west Junggar, Xinjiang Province, China: Geochronological and geochemical characteristics and their geodynamic significanceZhou, T; Yuan, F; Fan, Y; Zhang, D; Cooke, D; Zhao, G2008163
Collective behavior coordination with predictive mechanismsZhang, HT; Chen, MZ; Stan, GB; Zhou, T; Maciejowski, JM200863
Singularities and symmetry breaking in swarmsLi, W; Zhang, HT; Chen, MZ; Zhou, T200873
Structural definition of a conserved neutralization epitope on HIV-1 gp120Zhou, T; Xu, L; Dey, B; Hessell, AJ; Van Ryk, D; Xiang, SH; Yang, X; Zhang, MY; Zwick, MB; Arthos, J; Burton, DR; Dimitrov, DS; Sodroski, J; Wyatt, R; Nabel, GJ; Kwong, PD200799
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