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Characteristics and clinical correlates of prospective memory performance in first-episode schizophreniaZhou, FC; Xiang, YT; Wang, CY; Dickerson, F; Au, RWC; Zhou, JJ; Zhou, Y; Shum, DHK; Chiu, HFK; Man, D; Lee, EHM; Yu, X; Chan, RCK; Ungvari, GS2012124
In vitro electrophysiologic effects of morphine in rabbit ventricular myocytesXiao, GS; Zhou, JJ; Wang, GY; Cao, CM; Li, GR; Wong, TM2005110
Opioid receptor dependent effects of morphine on L-type Ca2+ current and inward rectifier K+ currents in rabbit ventricular myocytesZhou, JJ; Xiao, GS; Wang, GY; Li, GR; Wong, TM200374
Effects of U50,488H on transient outward and ultra-rapid delayed rectifier K+ currents in young human atrial myocytesXiao, GS; Zhou, JJ; Cheung, YF; Li, GR; Wong, TM2003109
Roles of KATP channels in delayed cardioprotection and intracellular Ca2+ in the rat heart as revealed by κ-opioid receptor stimulation with U50,488HChen, M; Zhou, JJ; Kam, KWL; Qi, JS; Yan, WY; Wu, S; Wong, TM2003187
Role of protein kinase C-epsilon in the development of κ-opioid receptor tolerance to U50,488H in rat ventricular myocytesZhou, JJ; Bian, JS; Pei, JM; Wu, S; Li, HY; Wong, TM2002172
Impaired [Ca2+](i) and pH(i) responses to κ-opioid receptor stimulation in the heart of chronically hypoxic ratsPei, JM; Zhou, JJ; Bian, JS; Yu, XC; Fung, ML; Wong, TM200058
Impaired G(s)α and adenylyl cyclase cause β-adrenoceptor desensitization in chronically hypoxic rat heartsPei, JM; Yu, XC; Fung, ML; Zhou, JJ; Cheung, CS; Wong, NS; Leung, MP; Wong, TM2000156
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