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Evaluating American put options on zero-coupon bonds by a penalty methodZhou, HJ; Yiu, KFC; Li, LK201196
The liver-enriched transcription factor CREB-H is a growth suppressor protein underexpressed in hepatocellular carcinomaChin, KT; Zhou, HJ; Wong, CM; Lee, JMF; Chan, CP; Qiang, BQ; Yuan, JG; Ng, IOL; Jin, DY2005208
Identification and characterization of FTSJ2, a novel human nucleolar protein homologous to bacterial ribosomal RNA methyltransferaseChing, YP; Zhou, HJ; Yuan, JG; Qiang, BQ; Kung, HF; Jin, DY200178
Inhibition of LZIP-mediated transcription through direct interaction with a novel host cell factor-like proteinZhou, HJ; Wong, CM; Chen, JH; Qiang, BQ; Yuan, JG; Jin, DY200198
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