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Photo forensics on shanzhai mobile phoneZhou, G; Tang, Y; Fang, J; Jiang, ZL; Chow, KP; Yiu, SM; Hui, LCK; Xu, RS; Mai, YH; Hou, SH; Xu, F201350
Intrinsic properties of mesemchymal stem cells from human bone marrow, umbilical cord and umbilical cord blood comparing the different sources of MSCLv, F; Lu, M; Cheung, KMC; Leung, VYL; Zhou, G201271
Forensic analysis of pirated Chinese Shanzhai mobile phonesFang, J; Jiang, ZL; Chow, KP; Yiu, SM; Hui, LCK; Zhou, G; He, MF; Tang, Y201228
RFID-enabled real-time manufacturing information tracking infrastructure for extended enterprisesZhang, Y; Jiang, P; Huang, G; Qu, T; Zhou, G; Hong, J2012570
Developmental definition of MSCs: New insights into pending questionsHuang, S; Leung, V; Peng, S; Li, L; Lu, FJ; Wang, T; Lu, W; Cheung, KMC; Zhou, G201194
Inconsistent individual personality description eliminates the other-race effectZhang, L; Zhou, G; Pu, X; Hayward, WG201157
Repetition Blindness for Rotated ObjectsHayward, WG; Zhou, G; Man, WF; Harris, IM201063
Characterization and functional identification of stem cells within the intervertebral disc of rhesus monkeyLin, H; Lv, M; Zhou, G; Cheung, K; Long, D; Huang, S201087
A game-theoretic approach to generating optimal process plans of multiple jobs in networked manufacturingZhou, G; Xiao, Z; Jiang, P; Huang, GQ201065
Processes underlying the cross-race effect: An investigation of holistic, featural, and relational processing of own-race versus other-race facesMondloch, CJ; Elms, N; Maurer, D; Rhodes, G; Hayward, WG; Tanakao, JW; Zhou, G2010142
Continuous optimization and combinatorial optimizationQi, L; Liao, LZ; Zang, W; Zhou, G201060
A game-theory approach for job scheduling in networked manufacturingZhou, G; Jiang, P; Huang, GQ2009177
Other-race faces: Limitations of expert face processing.Elms, NM; Mondloch, CJ; Maurer, D; Hayward, WG; Rhodes, G; Tanaka, JW; Zhou, G200885
Spatial updating during locomotion does not eliminate viewpoint-dependent visual object processingZhao, M; Zhou, G; Mou, W; Hayward, W; Owen, C200795
The association of RANTES polymorphism with severe acute respiratory syndrome in Hong Kong and Beijing ChineseNg, MW; Zhou, G; Chong, WP; Lee, LWY; Law, HKW; Zhang, H; Wong, WHS; Fok, SFS; Zhai, Y; Yung, RWH; Chow, EY; Au, KL; Chan, EYT; Lim, W; Peiris, JSM; He, F; Lau, YL2007166
Repetition blindness for rotated objects.Hayward, WG; Zhou, G; Man, WF; Harris, IM200769
Non-cooperation game for customer's competition driven job scheduleZhou, G; Jiang, P; Huang, G200675
A hybrid approach to Chinese abbreviation expansionFu, G; Luke, KK; Zhang, M; Zhou, G2006131
Automatic expansion of abbreviations in Chinese news textFu, G; Luke, KK; Zhou, G; Xu, R2006141
Spatial updating during locomotion does not eliminate viewpoint-dependent visual object processingMou, W; Hayward, WG; Zhou, M; Zhou, G; Owen, CB200677
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