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Aquatic hypoxia is an endocrine disruptor and impairs fish reproductionWu, RSS; Zhou, BS; Randall, DJ; Woo, NYS; Lam, PKS2003182
Bioenergetics and RNA/DNA ratios in the common carp (Cyprinus carpio) under hypoxiaZhou, BS; Wu, RSS; Randall, DJ; Lam, PKS2001182
Metabolic adjustments in the common carp during prolonged hypoxiaZhou, BS; Wu, RSS; Randall, DJ; Lam, PKS; Ip, YK; Chew, SF2000164
Relationship between ultrastructural changes and EROD activities in liver of fish exposed to Benzo[a]pyreneAu, DWT; Wu, RSS; Zhou, BS; Lam, PKS199983
Effects of two oil dispersants on phototaxis and swimming behaviour of barnacle larvaeWu, RSS; Lam, PKS; Zhou, BS1997137
A phototaxis inhibition assay using barnacle larvaeWu S, RS; Lam, PKS; Zhou, BS199752
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