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Deep level defects in electron irradiated ZnO single crystal studied by deep level transient spectroscopyLu, XH; Ling, CC; Zhong, ZQ2010389
Isochronal annealing study of low energy electron irradiated Al-doped p -type 6H silicon carbide with deep level transient spectroscopyLuo, JM; Zhong, ZQ; Gong, M; Fung, S; Ling, CC2009598
Study on U-Pb age and Hf isotope of zircons in the Bixiling peridotites, the Dabie ultrahigh-pressure, metamorphic beltZheng, JP; Sun, M; Griffin, WL; Zhong, ZQ; Tang, HY; Zhang, ZH200780
Deep level transient spectroscopic study of electron irradiated p-type 6H-SiCZhong, ZQ; Gong, M; Chen, X; Ling, FCC; Fung, SHY; Beling, CD2006233
Primary photoluminescence in as-neutron (electron) -irradiated n-type 6H-SiCZhong, ZQ; Wu, DX; Gong, M; Wang, O; Shi, SL; Xu, SJ; Chen, XD; Ling, CC; Fung, S; Beling, CD; Brauer, G; Anwand, W; Skorupa, W2006215
Photoluminescence of electron/neutron-irradiated n-type 6H-SiCZhong, ZQ; Wu, DX; Gong, M; Wang, O; Xu, SJ; Chen, X; Ling, FCC; Fung, SHY; Beling, CD2005184
High pressure mafic granulite and its translation of mantle ecologite: study of xenoliths from ultramafic breccia pipe, Xinyang, Henan ProvinceZheng, JP; Sun, M; Lu, FX; Zhong, ZQ1998103
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