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Wear mechanism and tribological characteristics of porous NiTi shape memory alloy for bone scaffoldWu, S; Liu, X; Wu, G; Yeung, KWK; Zheng, D; Chung, C; Xu, Z; Chu, PK201371
Poly (4-styrenesulfonic acid-co-maleic acid) is an entry inhibitor against both HIV-1 and HSV infections – Potential as a dual functional microbicideQiu, M; Chen, Y; Song, S; Song, H; Chu, Y; Yuan, Z; Cheng, L; Zheng, D; Chen, Z; Wu, Z201224
Over-expression of Hlx homeobox gene in DC2.4 dendritic cell enhances its maturation and antigen presentationShotorbani, SS; He, Z; Yang, H; Sun, Q; Xu, Y; Su, Z; Xue, Y; Zheng, D; Zhang, Y; Wang, S; Shao, Q; Lu, L; Xu, H201279
Enhanced HMGB1 expression may contribute to Th17 cells activation in rheumatoid arthritisShi, Y; Sandoghchian Shotorbani, S; Su, Z; Liu, Y; Tong, J; Zheng, D; Chen, J; Liu, Y; Xu, Y; Jiao, Z; Wang, S; Lu, L; Huang, X; Xu, H2012214
Smad7 is required for the development and function of the heartChen, Q; Chen, H; Zheng, D; Kuang, C; Fang, H; Zou, B; Zhu, W; Bu, G; Jin, T; Wang, Z; Zhang, X; Chen, J; Field, LJ; Rubart, M; Shou, W; Chen, Y2009143
The use of folate-PEG-grafted-hybranched-PEI nonviral vector for the inhibition of glioma growth in the ratLiang, B; He, ML; Chan, Cy; Chen, Yc; Li, XP; Li, Y; Zheng, D; Lin, MC; Kung, HF; Shuai, XT; Peng, Y2009190
Computation of rotation minimizing framesWang, W; Jüttler, B; Zheng, D; Liu, Y200890
Therapeutic expression of an anti-death receptor 5 single-chain fixed-variable region prevents tumor growth in miceShi, J; Liu, Y; Zheng, Y; Guo, Y; Zhang, J; Cheung, PT; Xu, R; Zheng, D2006140
Overexpression of soluble TRAIL induces apoptosis in human lung adenocarcinoma and inhibits growth of tumor xenografts in nude miceShi, J; Zheng, D; Liu, Y; Mai, HS; Tam, P; Farzaneh, F; Xu, R2005208
Purification, partial characterization, crystallization and preliminary X-ray diffraction of two cysteine-rich secretory proteins from Naja atra and Trimeresurus stejnegeri venomsWang, J; Guo, M; Tu, X; Zheng, D; Teng, M; Niu, L; Liu, Q; Huang, Q; Hao, Q2004134
TRAIL: A potential agent for cancer therapyShi, J; Zheng, D; Man, K; Fan, ST; Xu, R2003120
Molecular therapeutics of HBV.Xu, R; Cai, K; Zheng, D; Ma, H; Xu, S; Fan, ST200384
Free vibration analysis of cable-stayed bridges by dynamic stiffness methodCheung, YK; Au, FTK; Cheng, Y; Zheng, D1999115
Modeling of stay cables and its effect on free vibration analysis of cable-stayed bridgesCheung, YK; Au, FTK; Cheng, Y; Zheng, D199994
Vibration of bridges under moving vehicles by structural impedance method (SIM) and finite strip method (FSM)Cheung, YK; Au, FTK; Zheng, D; Cheng, Y1999105
Shear wall analysis by Co continuous finite strip methodCheung, YK; Au, FTK; Zheng, D199893
Finite Strip Analysis of Shear Walls and Thin Plates with Abrupt Changes of Thickness by Using Modified Beam Vibration ModesCheung, YK; Au, FTK; Zheng, D199888
Quantum conductivity exponent of a fractal non-branching Koch curveZheng, D; Liu, Y; Wang, ZD1996142
Matrix method for random walks on latticesWang, ZD; Zheng, D; Liu, Y1995119
Shot noise in mesoscopic conductors with electron-phonon scatteringZheng, D; Wang, ZD; Liu, Y1995118
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