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Residual strains and optical properties of ZnO thin epilayers grown on r-sapphire planesZheng, CC; Xu, SJ; Ning, JQ; Bao, W; Wang, JF; Gao, J; Liu, JM; Zhu, JH; Liu, XL2012240
Temperature dependent distinct coupling and dispersions of heavy- and light-hole excitonic polaritons in ZnOZheng, CC; Xu, SJ; Ning, JQ; Chen, YN; Zhang, F; Che, CM2012113
Can interference patterns in the reflectance spectra of GaN epilayers give important information of carrier concentration?Zheng, CC; Xu, S; Zhang, F; Ning, J; Zhao, DG; Yang, H; Che, CM201292
Formation dynamics of excitons and temporal behaviors of fano resonance due to the exciton-impurity-phonon configuration interaction in ZnOZheng, CC; Xu, SJ; Ning, JQ; Chen, YN; Li, BK; Wang, JN; Che, CM2012179
Inner surface enhanced femtosecond second harmonic generation in thin ZnO crystal tubesZheng, CC; Xu, SJ; Ning, JQ; Zhang, SF; Wang, JY; Che, CM; Hao, JH2011569
Localized surface optical phonon mode in the InGaN/GaN multiple-quantum- wells nanopillars: Raman spectrum and imagingZhu, JH; Ning, JQ; Zheng, CC; Xu, SJ; Zhang, SM; Yang, H2011170
Ion-implantation induced nano distortion layer and its influence on nonlinear optical properties of ZnO single crystalsZheng, CC; Xu, SJ; Ning, JQ; Chen, YN; Lu, XH; Ling, CC; Che, CM; Gao, GY; Hao, JH; Brauer, G; Anwand, W2011184
A novel late embryogenesis abundant like protein associated with chilling stress in Nicotiana tabacum cv. bright yellow-2 cell suspension culture.Gai, YP; Ji, XL; Lu, W; Han, XJ; Yang, GD; Zheng, CC201160
Optical properties of light-hole excitons in GaN epilayersZhang, F; Xu, SJ; Ning, JQ; Zheng, CC; Zhao, DG; Yang, H; Che, CM2010167
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