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Patients with diffuse large B-cell lymphoma of germinal center origin with BCL2 translocations have poor outcome, irrespective of MYC status: a report from an International DLBCL rituximab-CHOP Consortium Program StudyVisco, C; Tzankov, A; Xu-Monette, ZY; Miranda, RN; Tai, YC; Li, Y; Liu, WM; d'Amore, ES; Montes-Moreno, S; Dybkaer, K; Chiu, A; Orazi, A; Zu, Y; Bhagat, G; Wang, HY; Dunphy, CH; Hsi, ED; Zhao, XF; Choi, WL; Zhao, X; van Krieken, JH; Huang, Q; Ai, W; O'Neill, S; Ponzoni, M; Ferreri, AJ; Kahl, BS; Winter, JN; Go, RS; Dirnhofer, S; Piris, MA; Moller, MB; Wu, L; Medeiros, LJ; Young, KH201386
Mutational profile and prognostic significance of TP53 in diffuse large B-cell lymphoma patients treated with R-CHOP: report from an International DLBCL Rituximab-CHOP Consortium Program StudyXu-Monette, ZY; Wu, L; Visco, C; Tai, YC; Tzankov, A; Liu, WM; Montes-Moreno, S; Dybkaer, K; Chiu, A; Orazi, A; Zu, Y; Bhagat, G; Richards, KL; Hsi, ED; Zhao, XF; Choi, WL; Zhao, X; van Krieken, JH; Huang, Q; Huh, J; Ai, W; Ponzoni, M; Ferreri, AJ; Zhou, F; Kahl, BS; Winter, JN; Xu, W; Li, J; Go, RS; Li, Y; Piris, MA; Moller, MB; Miranda, RN; Abruzzo, LV; Medeiros, LJ; Young, KH201282
The influence of mechanical and electrical interfacial conditions on threshold field of ferroelectric nanothin filmsZhao, XF; Soh, AK201281
The early cretaceous Yangzhaiyu lode gold deposit, north China craton: A link between craton reactivation and gold veiningLi, JW; Li, ZK; Zhou, MF; Chen, L; Bi, SJ; Deng, XD; Qiu, HN; Cohen, B; Selby, D; Zhao, XF2012230
Comprehensive gene expression profiling and immunohistochemical studies support application of immunophenotypic algorithm for molecular subtype classification in diffuse large B-cell lymphoma: a report from the International DLBCL Rituximab-CHOP Consortium Program StudyVisco, C; Li, Y; Xu-Monette, ZY; Miranda, RN; Green, TM; Li, Y; Tzankov, A; Wen, W; Liu, WM; Kahl, BS; d'Amore, ESG; Montes-Moreno, S; Dybkaer, K; Chiu, A; Tam, W; Orazi, A; Zu, Y; Bhagat, G; Winter, JN; Wang, HY; O'Neill, S; Dunphy, CH; Hsi, ED; Zhao, XF; Go, RS; Choi, WWL; Zhou, F; Czader, M; Tong, J; Zhao, X; van Krieken, JH; Huang, Q; Ai, W; Etzell, J; Ponzoni, M; Ferreri, AJM; Piris, MA; Moller, MB; Bueso-Ramos, CE; Medeiros, LJ; Wu, L; Young, KH2012127
Giant Mesozoic gold provinces related to the destruction of the North China cratonLi, JW; Bi, SJ; Selby, D; Chen, L; Vasconcelos, P; Thiede, D; Zhou, MF; Zhao, XF; Li, ZK; Qiu, HN2012148
Late paleoproterozoic to early mesoproterozoic tangdan sedimentary rock-hosted strata-bound copper deposit, yunnan province, southwest chinaZhao, XF; Zhou, MF; Hitzman, MW; Li, JW; Bennett, M; Meighan, C; Anderson, E2012181
Fe-Cu deposits in the Kangdian region, SW China: A Proterozoic IOCG (iron-oxide-copper-gold) metallogenic provinceZhao, XF; Zhou, MF2011327
Phase field simulation of ferroelectrics with cracksZhao, XF; Soh, AK2011307
Late Paleoproterozoic to early Mesoproterozoic Dongchuan Group in Yunnan, SW China: Implications for tectonic evolution of the Yangtze BlockZhao, XF; Zhou, MF; Li, JW; Sun, M; Gao, JF; Sun, WH; Yang, JH2010603
Laser ablation ICP-MS titanite U-Th-Pb dating of hydrothermal ore deposits: A case study of the Tonglushan Cu-Fe-Au skarn deposit, SE Hubei Province, ChinaLi, JW; Deng, XD; Zhou, MF; Liu, YS; Zhao, XF; Guo, JL2010555
Influence of dipole defects on polarization switching in the vicinity of a crack in relaxor ferroelectricsZhao, XF; Soh, AK; Li, L; Liu, JX201078
Thickness-edge modes in a semi-infinite magneto-electro-elastic plateLiu, JX; Zhao, XF; Soh, AK; Wang, BL2009619
Late Mesozoic magmatism from the Daye region, eastern China: U-Pb ages, petrogenesis, and geodynamic implicationsLi, JW; Zhao, XF; Zhou, MF; Ma, CQ; Souza, ZS; Vasconcelos, P2009141
Early Permian seafloor to continental arc magmatism in the eastern Paleo-Tethys: U-Pb age and Nd-Sr isotope data from the southern Lancangjiang zone, Yunnan, ChinaHennig, D; Lehmann, B; Frei, D; Belyatsky, B; Zhao, XF; Cabral, AR; Zeng, PS; Zhou, MF; Schmidt, K2009195
Origin of the Tongshankou porphyry-skarn Cu-Mo deposit, eastern Yangtze craton, Eastern China: Geochronological, geochemical, and Sr-Nd-Hf isotopic constraintsLi, JW; Zhao, XF; Zhou, MF; Vasconcelos, P; Ma, CQ; Deng, XD; de Souza, ZS; Zhao, YX; Wu, G2008206
Association of Neoproterozoic A- and I-type granites in South China: Implications for generation of A-type granites in a subduction-related environmentZhao, XF; Zhou, MF; Li, JW; Wu, FY2008198
Shear horizontal waves in a piezoelectric-piezomagnetic tri-materialLiu, JX; Zhao, XF; Soh, AK2007184
Geochronology of the Pengjiakuang and Rushan gold deposits, eastern Jiaodong gold province, northeastern China: Implications for regional mineralization and geodynamic settingLi, JW; Vasconcelos, P; Zhou, MF; Zhao, XF; Ma, CQ2006120
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