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No excuse for not lookingWong, D; Zhao, P; Joussen, A201330
The T393C polymorphism of GNAS1 as a predictor for chemotherapy sensitivity and survival in advanced non-small-cell lung cancer patients treated with gemcitabine plus platinumXie, FJ; Zhao, P; Kou, JY; Hong, W; Fu, L; Hu, L; Hong, D; Su, D; Gao, Y; Zhang, YP201296
Modeling abnormal early development with induced pluripotent stem cells from aneuploid syndromesLi, W; Wang, X; Fan, W; Zhao, P; Chan, YC; Chen, S; Zhang, S; Guo, X; Zhang, Y; Li, Y; Cai, J; Qin, D; Li, X; Yang, J; Peng, T; Zychlinski, D; Hoffmann, D; Zhang, R; Deng, K; Ng, KM; Menten, B; Zhong, M; Wu, J; Li, Z; Chen, Y; Schambach, A; Tse, HF; Pei, D; Esteban, MA2012244
Genome-wide association study identifies five loci associated with susceptibility to pancreatic cancer in Chinese populationsWu, C; Miao, X; Huang, L; Che, X; Jiang, G; Yu, D; Yang, X; Cao, G; Hu, Z; Zhou, Y; Zuo, C; Wang, C; Zhang, X; Zhou, Y; Yu, X; Dai, W; Li, Z; Shen, H; Liu, L; Chen, Y; Zhang, S; Wang, X; Zhai, K; Chang, J; Liu, Y; Sun, M; Cao, W; Gao, J; Ma, Y; Zheng, X; Cheung, ST; Jia, Y; Xu, J; Tan, W; Zhao, P; Wu, T; Wang, C; Lin, D2012253
Applications of new techniques in the diagnosis of obstetrical and gynaecological diseases (In Chinese)Cheung, ANY; Zhao, P201044
Oseltamivir-resistant influenza A pandemic (H1N1) 2009 virus, Hong Kong, ChinaChen, H; Cheung, CL; Tai, H; Zhao, P; Chan, JFW; Cheng, VCC; Chan, KH; Yuen, KY2009292
Nuclear factor 90 negatively regulates influenza virus replication by interacting with viral nucleoproteinWang, P; Song, W; Mok, BWY; Zhao, P; Qin, K; Lai, A; Smith, GJD; Zhang, J; Lin, T; Guan, Y; Chen, H20091,622
Electrical characteristics of Si nanocrystal distributed in a narrow layer in the gate oxide near the gate synthesized with very-low-energy ion beamsNg, CY; Chen, TP; Zhao, P; Ding, L; Liu, Y; Tseng, AA; Fung, S2006818
Influence of Si nanocrystal distributed in the gate oxide on the MOS capacitanceNg, CY; Chen, TP; Ding, L; Yang, M; Wong, JI; Zhao, P; Yang, XH; Liu, KY; Tse, MS; Trigg, AD; Fung, S2006967
Si ion-induced instability in flatband Voltage of Si/sup +/-implanted gate oxidesNg, CY; Chen, TP; Ding, L; Chen, Q; Liu, Y; Zhao, P; Tseng, AA; Fung, SHY2006724
Memory effect of Al-rich AlN films synthesized with rf magnetron sputteringLiu, Y; Chen, TP; Zhao, P; Zhang, S; Fung, S; Fu, YQ2005647
Random capacitance modulation due to charging/discharging in Si nanocrystals embedded in gate dielectricLiu, Y; Chen, TP; Ng, CY; Tse, MS; Zhao, P; Fu, YQ; Zhang, S; Fung, S2005136
Hepatocyte growth factor promotes cancer cell migration and angiogenic factors expression: A prognostic marker of human esophageal squamous cell carcinomasRen, Y; Cao, B; Law, S; Xie, Y; Lee, PY; Cheung, L; Chen, Y; Huang, X; Chan, HM; Zhao, P; Luk, J; Vande Woude, G; Wong, J2005140
Charging effect on electrical characteristics of MOS structures with Si nanocrystal distribution in gate oxideLiu, Y; Chen, TP; Ng, CY; Tse, MS; Fung, S; Liu, YC; Li, S; Zhao, P20041,041
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