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SOAP3: ultra-fast GPU-based parallel alignment tool for short readsLiu, CM; Wong, T; Wu, E; Luo, R; Yiu, SM; Li, Y; Wang, B; Yu, C; Chu, X; Zhao, K; Li, R; Lam, TW2012148
Learning, assessment and collaboration in computer-supported inquiry learning for Chinese tertiary studentsZhao, K; Chan, CKK201058
Conceptual, metacognitive and collaborative learning in computer-supported inquiry for Chinese tertiary business studentsZhao, K; Chan, CCKK2009105
Beliefs about learning and learning strategies of Chinese English for international business (EIB) students in project-based learning instructionZhao, K; Chan, CKK200855
Therapeutic effect of hepatitis B surface antigen-antibody complex is associated with cytolytic and non-cytolytic immune responses in hepatitis B patientsYao, X; Zheng, B; Zhou, J; Xu, DZ; Zhao, K; Sun, SH; Yuan, ZH; Wen, YM200776
Hepatitis B surface antigen-antibody complex reverted immune tolerance in chronic hepatitis B patients via modulating dendritic cells.Yao, X; Zheng, B; Zhou, J; Xu, DZ; Zhao, K; Sun, SH; Yuan, ZH; Wen, YM2007102
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