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Neoproterozoic high-Mg basalts formed by melting of ambient mantle in South ChinaZhao, JH; Zhou, MF201325
Neoproterozoic high-K granites produced by melting of newly formed mafic crust in the Huangling region, South ChinaZhao, JH; Zhou, MF; Zheng, J201320
Neoproterozoic Tonalite and Trondhjemite in the Huangling Complex, South China: Crustal Growth and Reworking in a Continental Arc EnvironmentZhao, JH; Zhou, MF; Zheng, J; Griffin, WL201329
Mendelian randomization studies do not support a causal role for reduced circulating adiponectin levels in insulin resistance and type 2 diabetesYaghootkar, H; Lamina, C; Scott, RA; Dastani, Z; Hivert, MF; Warren, LL; Stancáková, A; Buxbaum, SG; Lyytikäinen, LP; Henneman, P; Wu, Y; Cheung, CYY; Pankow, JS; Jackson, AU; Gustafsson, S; Zhao, JH; Ballantyne, CM; Xie, W; Bergman, RN; Boehnke, M; El Bouazzaoui, F; Collins, FS; Dunn, SH; Dupuis, J; Forouhi, NG; Gillson, C; Hattersley, AT; Hong, J; Kähönen, M; Kuusisto, J; Kedenko, L; Kronenberg, F; Doria, A; Assimes, TL; Ferrannini, E; Hansen, T; Hao, K; Häring, H; Knowles, JW; Lindgren, CM; Nolan, JJ; Paananen, J; Pedersen, O; Quertermous, T; Smith, U; the GENESIS consortium, .; the RISC consortium, .; Lehtimäki, T; Liu, CT; Loos, RJ; McCarthy, M; Morris, AD; Vasan, R; Spector, TD; Teslovich, TM; Tuomilehto, J; van Dijk, KW; Viikari, JR; Zhu, N; Langenberg, C; Ingelsson, E; Semple, RK; Sinaiko, AR; Palmer, CN; Walker, M; Lam, KSL; Paulweber, K; Mohlke, KL; van Duijn, C; Raitakari, OT; Bidulescu, A; Wareham, NJ; Laakso, M; Waterworth, DM; Lawlor, DA; Meigs, JB; Richards, JB; Frayling, TM201331
Heterogeneous mantle source and magma differentiation of quaternary arc-like volcanic rocks from Tengchong, SE margin of the Tibetan PlateauZhou, MF; Robinson, PT; Wang, CY; Zhao, JH; Yan, DP; Gao, JF; Malpas, J2012138
Reappraisal of the ages of Neoproterozoic strata in South China: No connection with the Grenvillian orogenyZhao, JH; Zhou, MF; Yan, DP; Zheng, JP; Li, JW2011442
First-principle study of magnetism induced by vacancies in grapheneDai, XQ; Zhao, JH; Xie, MH; Tang, YN; Li, YH; Zhao, B2011213
Neoproterozoic crustal growth and reworking of the Northwestern Yangtze Block: Constraints from the Xixiang dioritic intrusion, South ChinaZhao, JH; Zhou, MF; Zheng, JP; Fang, SM2010132
Metasomatic mantle source and crustal contamination for the formation of the Neoproterozoic mafic dike swarm in the northern Yangtze Block, South ChinaZhao, JH; Zhou, MF; JianPing, Z2010460
OIB-like, heterogeneous mantle sources of Permian basaltic magmatism in the western Tarim Basin, NW China: Implications for a possible Permian large igneous provinceZhou, MF; Zhao, JH; Jiang, CY; Gao, JF; Wang, W; Yang, SH2009155
Mantle-derived gaseous components in ore-forming fluids of the Xiangshan uranium deposit, Jiangxi province, China: Evidence from He, Ar and C isotopesHu, RZ; Burnard, PG; Bi, XW; Zhou, MF; Peng, JT; Su, WC; Zhao, JH2009120
Melting of newly formed mafic crust for the formation of Neoproterozoic I-type granite in the Hannan region, South ChinaZhao, JH; Zhou, MF2009386
Secular evolution of the Neoproterozoic lithospheric mantle underneath the northern margin of the Yangtze Block, South ChinaZhao, JH; Zhou, MF2009158
ML estimation for factor analysis: EM or non-EM?Zhao, JH; Yu, PLH; Jiang, Q2008164
Fast ML estimation for the mixture of factor analyzers via an ECM algorithmZhao, JH; Yu, PLH2008168
Neoproterozoic adakitic plutons in the northern margin of the Yangtze Block, China: Partial melting of a thickened lower crust and implications for secular crustal evolutionZhao, JH; Zhou, MF2008115
Zircon Lu-Hf isotopic constraints on Neoproterozoic subduction-related crustal growth along the western margin of the Yangtze Block, South ChinaZhao, JH; Zhou, MF; Yan, DP; Yang, YH; Sun, M2008144
Geochronology and geochemistry of the c. 80 Ma Rutog granitic pluton, northwestern Tibet: Implications for the tectonic evolution of the Lhasa TerraneZhao, TP; Zhou, MF; Zhao, JH; Zhang, KJ; Chen, W2008225
Geochemistry of Neoproterozoic mafic intrusions in the Panzhihua district (Sichuan Province, SW China): Implications for subduction-related metasomatism in the upper mantleZhao, JH; Zhou, MF200773
Geochemistry and tectonic significance of basaltic lavas in the Neoproterozoic Yanbian Group, Southern Sichuan province, Southwest ChinaSun, WH; Zhou, MF; Zhao, JH2007118
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