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Asian Monsoon Variability Recorded in Other Archives
Late Cenozoic Climate Change in Asia: Loess, Monsoon And Monsoon-Arid Environment Evolution
Cai, Y; Jin, Z; Zhou, W; Liu, Y; Liu, Z; Li, B; Yu, X; Tan, L; Tian, L; Peng, Z; Song, S; Li, X; Zhao, H; Lu, F; Pan, W; An, Z201453
Random Effects Model for Multiple Pathway Analysis with Applications to Type II Diabetes Microarray Data
Statistics in Biosciences
Pang, HMH; Kim, I; Zhao, H201430
Size-tunable fabrication of multifunctional Bi2O3 porous nanospheres for photocatalysis, bacteria inactivation and template-synthesis
Qin, F; Zhao, H; Li, G; Yang, H; Li, J; Wang, R; Liu, Y; Hu, J; Sun, H; Chen, R201451
Statistical Analysis of Biomarkers from Omics Technologies
Clinical Trial Biostatistics and Biopharmaceutical Applications
CRC Press
Pang, HMH; Zhao, H20149
Exome sequencing reveals a heterozygous DLX5 mutation in a Chinese family with autosomal-dominant split-hand/foot malformation
European Journal of Human Genetics
Nature Publishing Group. The Journal's web site is located at
Wang, X; Xin, Q; Li, L; Li, J; Zhang, C; Qiu, R; Qian, C; Zhao, H; Liu, Y; Shan, H; Dang, J; Bian, X; Shao, C; Gong, Y; Liu, Q201418
Stratified Pathway Analysis to Identify Gene Sets Associated with Oral Contraceptive Use and Breast Cancer
Cancer Informatics
Pang, HMH; Zhao, H20143
Clinical, Virological, and Histopathological Manifestations of Fatal Human Infections by Avian Influenza A(H7N9) Virus
Clinical Infectious Diseases
Yu, L; Wang, ZM; Chen, Y; Ding, W; Jia, HY; Chan, JFW; To, KKW; Chen, H; Yang, YD; Liang, WF; Zheng, SF; Yao, HP; Yang, SG; Cao, HC; Dai, XH; Zhao, H; Li, J; Bao, QL; Chen, P; Hou, XL; Li, LJ; Yuen, KY201333
Statistical properties on semiparametric regression for evaluating pathway effects
Journal of Statistical Planning and Inference
Kim, I; Pang, H; Zhao, H201369
Novel modeling of cancer cell signaling pathways enables systematic drug repositioning for distinct breast cancer metastases
Cancer Research
American Association for Cancer Research. The Journal's web site is located at
Zhao, H; Jin, G; Ren, D; Liu, T; Chen, P; Wong, S; Li, F; Fan, YB; Rodriguez, A; Chang, J; Wong, STC201346
E4BP4 overexpression: a protective mechanism in CD4+ T cells from SLE patients
Journal of Autoimmunity
Zhao, M; Liu, Q; Liang, G; Wang, L; Luo, S; Tang, Q; Zhao, H; Su, Y; Yung, SSY; Chan, DTM; Lu, Q201387
The relation between physical and risk-neutral cumulants
International Review of Finance
Blackwell Publishing Ltd. The Journal's web site is located at
Zhao, H; Zhang, JE; Chang, EC201385
An intronic variant associated with systemic lupus erythematosus changes the binding affinity of Yinyang1 to downregulate WDFY4
Genes and Immunity
Zhao, H; Yang, W; Qiu, R; Li, J; Xin, Q; Wang, X; Feng, Y; Shan, S; Liu, Y; Gong, Y; Liu, Q201270
Job insecurity in Chinese context: a critical review
30th International Congress of Psychology, ICP 2012
Zhao, H; Huang, GH; Lee, C; Chen, G; Hui, C2012216
Bayesian semiparametric regression models for evaluating pathway effects on continuous and binary clinical outcomes
Statistics in Medicine
Kim, I; Pang, H; Zhao, H201267
From rapid to delayed and remote postconditioning: the evolving concept of ischemic postconditioning in brain ischemia
Current Drug Targets
Bentham Science Publishers Ltd. The Journal's web site is located at
Zhao, H; Ren, C; Chen, X; Shen, J2012267
Equilibrium asset and option pricing under jump diffusion
Mathematical Finance
Wiley-Blackwell Publishing, Inc.. The Journal's web site is located at
Zhang, JE; Zhao, H; Chang, EC2012297
CD40L demethylation in CD4(+) T cells from women with rheumatoid arthritis
Clinical Immunology
Liao, J; Liang, G; Xie, S; Zhao, H; Zuo, X; Li, F; Chen, J; Zhao, M; Chan, DTM; Lu, Q201229
A side-by-side comparison of Daya Bay antineutrino detectors
Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research, Section A: Accelerators, Spectrometers, Detectors and Associated Equipment
Elsevier BV. The Journal's web site is located at
An, FP; An, Q; Bai, JZ; Balantekin, AB; Band, HR; Beriguete, W; Bishai, M; Blyth, S; Brown, RL; Cao, GF; Cao, J; Gong, GH; Gong, H; Gornushkin, YA; Greenler, LS; Gu, WQ; Guan, MY; Guo, XH; Hackenburg, RW; Hahn, RL; Lin, YC; Wang, NY; Hans, S; Hao, HF; He, M; He, Q; He, WS; Heeger, KM; Heng, YK; Hinrichs, P; Ho, TH; Hor, YK; Wang, RG; Ling, JJ; Hsiung, YB; Hu, BZ; Hu, T; Hu, T; Huang, HX; Huang, HZ; Huang, PW; Huang, X; Huang, XT; Wang, W; Huber, P; Carr, R; Jaffe, DE; Jetter, S; Ji, XL; Ji, XP; Jiang, HJ; Jiang, WQ; Jiao, JB; Johnson, RA; Wang, X; Kang, L; Kettell, SH; Link, JM; Kramer, M; Kwan, KK; Kwok, MW; Kwok, T; Lai, CY; Lai, WC; Lai, WH; Wang, YF; Lau, K; Lebanowski, L; Lee, MKP; Littenberg, L; Leitner, R; Leung, JKC; Leung, KY; Lewis, CA; Li, F; Li, GS; Wang, Z; Li, J; Li, QJ; Li, SF; Li, WD; Littlejohn, BR; Li, XB; Li, XN; Liu, BJ; Liu, DW; Liu, JC; Wang, Z; Liu, JL; Liu, S; Liu, X; Liu, YB; Chang, JF; Lu, C; Lu, HQ; Luk, A; Luk, KB; Luo, XL; Wang, ZM; Ma, LH; Ma, QM; Ma, XY; Ma, YQ; Mayes, B; Chang, Y; McDonald, KT; McFarlane, MC; McKeown, RD; Meng, Y; Webber, DM; Mohapatra, D; Nakajima, Y; Napolitano, J; Naumov, D; Nemchenok, I; Newsom, C; Chasman, C; Ngai, HY; Ngai, WK; Nie, YB; Chen, XH; Ning, Z; OchoaRicoux, JP; Olshevski, A; Pagac, A; Patton, S; Pec, V; Peng, JC; Chen, HS; Piilonen, LE; Pinsky, L; Li, XQ; Pun, CSJ; Qi, FZ; Qi, M; Qian, X; Rosero, R; Roskovec, B; Ruan, XC; Seilhan, B; Chen, SJ; Shao, BB; Wei, YD; Shih, K; Steiner, H; Stoler, P; Sun, GX; Sun, JL; Sun, YH; Tanaka, HK; Tang, X; Torun, Y; Chen, SM; Wen, LJ; Trentalange, S; Tsai, O; Tsang, KV; Tsang, RHM; Tull, C; Viren, B; Vorobel, V; Wang, CH; Wang, LS; Wang, LY; Wenman, DL; Chen, XC; Wang, M; Whisnant, K; White, CG; Whitehead, L; Wilhelmi, J; Wise, T; Wong, HLH; Wong, J; Li, Y; Chen, XS; Wu, FF; Wu, Q; Xi, JB; Xia, DM; Xiao, Q; Xing, ZZ; Xu, G; Xu, J; Xu, J; Li, ZB; Xu, JL; Chen, Y; Xu, Y; Xue, T; Yang, CG; Yang, L; Ye, M; Yeh, M; Yeh, YS; Young, BL; Liang, H; Yu, ZY; Zhan, L; Cherwinka, JJ; Zhang, C; Zhang, FH; Zhang, JW; Zhang, QM; Zhang, SH; Zhang, YC; Zhang, YH; Lin, CJ; Zhang, YX; Zhang, ZJ; Zhang, ZP; Chu, MC; Zhang, ZY; Zhao, H; Zhao, J; Zhao, QW; Zhao, YB; Zheng, L; Lin, GL; Zhong, WL; Zhou, L; Zhou, YZ; Zhou, ZY; Cummings, JP; Zhuang, HL; Zou, JH; Deng, ZY; Ding, YY; Diwan, MV; Lin, SK; Draeger, E; Du, XF; Dwyer, D; Edwards, WR; Ely, SR; Fang, SD; Fu, JY; Fu, ZW; Ge, LQ; Gill, RL; Lin, SX; Gonchar, M2012542
Shot noise of the hybrid double-quantum-dot Aharonov-Bohm interferometer coupled to normal and superconductive terminals
Europhysics Letters
EPLA. The Journal's web site is located at
Zhao, H; Wang, J; Wang, Q2012112
Expected stock return and conditional skewness
Asian Finance Association (AsianFA) 2011 International Conference
Chang, EC; Zhang, J; Zhao, H2011132
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