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Quantum transport in magnetic topological insulator thin filmsLu, H; Zhao, A; Shen, S201317
Quantum anomalous Hall effect in a flat band ferromagnetZhao, A; Shen, SQ2012139
Anti-inflammatory activities of a Chinese herbal formula IBS-20 in vitro and in vivoYang, Z; Grinchuk, V; Ip, SP; Che, CT; Fong, HHS; Lao, L; Wu, JC; Sung, JJ; Berman, B; SheaDonohue, T; Zhao, A201249
SARS-CoV infection in a restaurant from palm civetWang, M; Yan, M; Xu, H; Liang, W; Kan, B; Zheng, B; Chen, H; Zheng, H; Xu, Y; Zhang, E; Wang, H; Ye, J; Li, G; Li, M; Cui, Z; Liu, YF; Guo, RT; Liu, XN; Zhan, LH; Zhou, DH; Zhao, A; Hai, R; Yu, D; Guan, Y; Xu, J2005148
Frequency and time series analysis of recent earthquakes in the vicinity of Hong KongChan, LS; Zhao, A1996153
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