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Evolutionary and molecular analysis of the emergent severe fever with thrombocytopenia syndrome virusLam, TTY; Liu, W; Bowden, TA; Cui, N; Zhuang, L; Liu, K; Zhang, YY; Cao, WC; Pybus, OG201395
Functional ion channels and cell proliferation in 3T3-L1 preadipocytesZhang, XH; Zhang, YY; Sun, HY; Jin, MW; Li, GR2012117
Localization and mobility gap in the topological Anderson insulatorZhang, YY; Chu, RL; Zhang, FC; Shen, SQ2012137
Three-dimensional topological insulator in a magnetic field: chiral side surface states and quantized Hall conductanceZhang, YY; Wang, XR; Xie, XC2011105
Both ion channels and calcium signals regulate proliferation in human adult mesenchymal stem cells from bone marrowZhang, YY; Tao, R; Li, GR2011132
Regulation of cell proliferation by ion channels in human mesenchymal stem cellsZhang, YY; Tse, HF; Lau, CP; Li, GR2010140
Band structures and transport properties of zigzag graphene nanoribbons with antidot arraysZhang, YT; Li, QM; Li, YC; Zhang, YY; Zhai, F2010301
C-reactive protein promotes cardiac fibrosis and inflammation in angiotensin II-induced hypertensive cardiac diseaseZhang, R; Zhang, YY; Huang, XR; Wu, Y; Chung, ACK; Wu, EX; Szalai, AJ; Wong, BCY; Lau, CP; Lan, HY2010262
Search for ψ(3770)→ charmless final states involving η or π0 mesonsAblikim, M; An, L; Bai, JZ; Bai, Y; Ban, Y; Cai, X; Chen, HF; Chen, HS; Chen, HX; Chen, JC; Chen, J; Liu, S; Liu, ZA; Lu, F; Yu, CX; Ma, QM; Qi, ND; Sun, ZJ; Lu, GR; Zhang, DH; Ye, YX; Tong, GL; Zhou, L; Ma, FC; Zhao, MG; Malik, MQA; Mao, ZP; Mo, XH; Ping, RG; Wang, PL; Zheng, HQ; Wan, X; Zhong, B; Shen, XY; Shang, L; Zhang, YY; Yang, M; Qiu, JF; Rong, G; Ruan, XD; Shan, LY; Tang, X; Zhu, XW; Zhang, XY; Zhang, CC; Ye, MH; Sheng, HY; Wang, LL; Sun, HS; Tian, JP; Sun, SS; Xu, Y; Sun, YZ; Wang, L; Jiang, XS; Zhu, ZL; Yang, YX; Zhao, JW; Guo, YN; Wang, LS; Zheng, B; Chen, YB; Wang, YF; Yang, HX; Hu, HM; Wang, Z; Gu, SD; Wang, ZY; Wei, CL; Chu, YP; Gao, YN; Xia, XM; Yan, ML; Gu, YT; Xu, XP; Hu, T; Wei, DH; Wu, N; Deng, ZY; Zhu, QM; Zhang, BY; Xu, GF; Zheng, ZP; Chen, XD; Zhang, JY; Ji, XB; Liu, CX; Du, SX; Fang, J; Li, G; Fu, CD; Gao, CS; Zhao, DX; Zhu, ZA; Zhang, BX; He, KL; He, M; Huang, GS; Heng, YK; Li, HB; Zou, BS; Yuan, Y; Huang, XT; Li, XL; Zeng, y; Huang, YP; Zhang, JW; Wang, P; Jiao, JB; Li, WG; Jiang, LL; Liu, HB; Zhang, ZP; Jin, DP; Jin, S; Li, XN; Zhu, KJ; Li, J; Luo, CL; Li, XQ; Dai, YS; Li, L; Liu, JP; Liu, Fang; Li, RY; Li, WD; Lu, JG; Zhang, HY; Zhao, PP; Liu, J; Zheng, JP; Liang, YF; Liu, BJ; Zhu, YS; Ma, HL; Liu, Feng; Zhang, HQ; Nie, J; Liu, HM; Zhang, ZX; Liu, RG; Yuan, CZ; Zhuang, BA2010270
Serum macrophage migration-inhibitory factor as a diagnostic and prognostic biomarker for gastric cancerXia, HHX; Yang, Y; Chu, KM; Gu, Q; Zhang, YY; He, H; Wong, WM; Leung, SY; Yuen, ST; Yuen, MF; Chan, AOO; Wong, BCY2009625
C-reactive protein promotes cardiac inflammation and fibrosis in angiotensin II-induced hypertensive cardiovascular diseasesWu, EX; Zhang, R; Zhang, YY; Huang, XR; Wu, Y; Szalai, AJ; Wong, BCY; Lau, CP; Lan, HY2009220
Automatic Tracking Measurement System on Human Lumbar Vertebral MotionZhang, YY; Xie, XB; Cui, HY; Hu, Y; Sui, FG; Zhao, LF; Wang, DJ2009232
Experimental studies of e + e -→ some charmless processes containing K S0 at √s = 3.773 and 3.65 GeVLi, L; The BES Collaboration; Ablikim, M; An, L; Bai, JZ; Bai, Y; Ban, Y; Cai, X; Chen, HF; Chen, HS; Chen, HX; Zhu, YS; Zhu, ZA; Zhu, ZL; Zhuang, BA; Chu, YP; Dai, YS; Deng, ZY; Du, SX; Fang, J; Fu, CD; Liu, JP; Gao, CS; Gao, YN; Gu, SD; Gu, YT; Guo, YN; He, KL; He, M; Heng, YK; Hu, HM; Hu, T; Liu, HB; Huang, GS; Huang, XT; Huang, YP; Ji, XB; Jiang, LL; Jiang, XS; Jiao, JB; Jin, DP; Jin, S; Li, G; Liu, J; Li, HB; Li, J; Li, L; Li, RY; Li, WD; Li, WG; Li, XL; Li, XN; Li, XQ; Liang, YF; Liu, RG; Liu, BJ; Liu, CX; Liu, F; Liu, F; Liu, HM; Liu, S; Liu, ZA; Lu, F; Lu, GR; Lu, JG; Luo, CL; Wu, N; Ma, FC; Ma, HL; Ma, QM; Malik, MQA; Mao, ZP; Mo, XH; Nie, J; Ping, RG; Qi, ND; Qiu, JF; Xia, XM; Rong, G; Ruan, XD; Shan, LY; Shang, L; Shen, XY; Sheng, HY; Sun, HS; Sun, SS; Sun, YZ; Sun, ZJ; Xu, GF; Tang, X; Tian, JP; Tong, GL; Wan, X; Wang, L; Wang, LL; Wang, LS; Wang, P; Wang, PL; Wang, YF; Xu, XP; Wang, Z; Wang, ZY; Wei, CL; Wei, DH; Zou, BS; Xu, Y; Yan, ML; Yang, HX; Yang, M; Yang, YX; Ye, MH; Chen, JC; Ye, YX; Yu, CX; Yuan, CZ; Yuan, Y; Zeng, Y; Zhang, BX; Zhang, BY; Zhang, CC; Zhang, DH; Zhang, HQ; Chen, J; Zhang, HY; Zhang, JW; Zhang, JY; Zhang, XY; Zhang, YY; Zhang, ZX; Zhang, ZP; Zhao, DX; Zhao, JW; Zhao, MG; Chen, XD; Zhao, PP; Zheng, B; Zheng, HQ; Zheng, JP; Zheng, ZP; Zhong, B; Zhou, L; Zhu, KJ; Zhu, QM; Zhu, XW; Chen, YB2009201
Large-conductance Ca(2+)-activated potassium and ether-a-go-go potassium channels regulate proliferation of human mesenchymal stem cellsZhang, YY; Tse, HF; Lau, CP; Li, GR200991
Mapping quantitative trait loci for cross-sectional geometry at the femoral neckShen, H; Long, JR; Xiong, DH; Liu, YJ; Liu, YZ; Xiao, P; Zhao, LJ; Dvornyk, V; Zhang, YY; RochaSanchez, S; Liu, PY; Li, JL; Deng, HW200571
Race and sex differences and contribution of height: A study on bone size in healthy Caucasians and ChineseZhang, YY; Liu, PY; Lu, Y; Davies, KM; Dvornyk, V; Recker, RR; Deng, HW200577
Contribution of genotype and ethnicity to bone mineral density variation in Caucasians and Chinese: A test for five candidate genes for bone massDvornyk, V; Liu, PY; Long, JR; Zhang, YY; Lei, SF; Recker, RR; Deng, HW200561
The -1997 G/T polymorphism in the COLIA1 upstream regulatory region is associated with hip bone mineral density (BMD) in Chinese nuclear familiesZhang, YY; Lei, SF; Mo, XY; Wang, YB; Li, MX; Deng, HW200564
Piezoelectric quartz crystal (PQC) with photochemically deposited nano-sized Ag particles for determining cyanide at trace levels in waterSun, H; Zhang, YY; Si, SH; Zhu, DR; Fung, YS2005196
Genetic dissection of human stature in a large sample of multiplex pedigreesLiu, YZ; Xu, FH; Shen, H; Liu, YJ; Zhao, LJ; Long, JR; Zhang, YY; Xiao, P; Xiong, DH; Dvornyk, V; Li, JL; Conway, T; Davies, KM; Recker, RR; Deng, HW200479
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