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RFID-enabled product-service system for automotive part and accessory manufacturing alliancesHuang, GQ; Qu, T; Zhang, YF; Yang, HD2012236
Auto-ID enabled real-time manufacturing shop-floor management: a case study in a fastener manufacturerPan, Y; Huang, GQ; Zhong, RY; Qu, T; Pang, LY; Zhang, YF201227
Hybrid flowshop scheduling with family setup time and inconsistent family formationLuo, H; Huang, GQ; Shi, Y; Qu, T; Zhang, YF2012184
A case of implementing RFID-based real-time shop-floor material management for household electrical appliance manufacturersQu, T; Yang, HD; Huang, GQ; Zhang, YF; Luo, H; Qin, W2012602
Establishing production service system and information collaboration platform for mold and die productsHuang, GQ; Qu, T; Zhong, RY; Li, Z; Yang, HD; Zhang, YF; Chen, QX; Jiang, PY; Chen, X2011174
RFID-enabled complex event processing application framework for manufacturingFang, J; Huang, GQ; Qu, T; Zhang, YF2011479
Analytical target cascading for optimal configuration of production service systemsQu, T; Huang, GQ; Zhang, YF; Yang, HD2010373
Critical event processing and its regulatory applicationFang, M; Huang, GQ; Zhang, YF; Qu, T; Dai, QY2010416
RFID-enabled real-time wireless manufacturing for adaptive assembly planning and controlHuang, GQ; Zhang, YF; Chen, X; Newman, ST2008168
RFID-based wireless manufacturing for real-time management of job shop WIP inventoriesHuang, GQ; Zhang, YF; Jiang, PY2008217
RFID-based wireless manufacturing for walking-worker assembly islands with fixed-position layoutsHuang, GQ; Zhang, YF; Jiang, PY2007142
Free radical scavenging ability of the carrot juice fermented by LactobacillusZhang, YF; Wei, D; Guo, SY; Chen, SF2005130
Research on integration of dynamic process planning and allocating oriented to E-manufacturingJiang, PY; Zhang, YF; Zhao, G; Tian, Y; Qu, T200583
Inhomogeneity dislocation interaction of piezoelectric materials under remote non-uniform shear & electric fieldZhang, YF; Li, X; Soh, AK; Wu, YQ200174
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