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Combinatorial use of bone morphogenetic protein 6, noggin and SOST significantly predicts cancer progressionYuen, HF; Mccrudden, CM; Grills, C; Zhang, SD; Huang, YH; Chan, KK; Chan, YP; Wong, MLY; Law, S; Srivastava, G; Fennell, DA; Dickson, G; ElTanani, M; Chan, KW2012106
Regarding "co-expression of SNAIL and TWIST determines prognosis in estrogen receptor-positive early breast cancer patients"Yuen, HF; Zhang, SD; Wong, ASY; Mccrudden, CM; Huang, YH; Chan, KYK; ElTanani, M; Khoo, US201275
A study on the effects of tibial cutting jig fixation on varus-valgus and anteroposterior slope of the tibial osteotomyZhao, ZY; Chiu, KY; Zhang, SD; Ma, WH; Yau, WP; Tang, WM; Wang, SJ; Wang, WG2009184
The effects of acetabular component position and hip ball diameter on posterior stability after total hip replacementMa, WH; Ng, FY; Chiu, KY; Zhang, SD2009261
Total elbow replacements with link-unlink united prosthesisLiu, K; Chiu, PKY; Zhang, SD; Tang, WM; Ng, TP; Yau, WP2007217
Total hip arthroplasties with tapered titanium - alloy cememtless femoral componentsLiu, KG; Qu, GY; Zhang, SD; Tang, WM; Ng, TP; Yau, WP2007203
Comparison of the fatigue properties of bone cement specimens prepared with different monomer storing temperature and different polymerization ambient temperaturesZhang, SD; Tan, JW; Chiu, PKY; Ng, TP200577
Mechanical properties of bone cement - the effect of chilling the monomer and preheating the prosthesisNg, TP; Zhang, SD; Chiu, PKY200363
Posterior slope of tibial plateau in ChineseChiu, KY; Zhang, SD; Zhang, GH2000102
Evaluation of posterior slope of tibial plateau in ChineseZhang, SD; Chiu, PKY; Zhang, GH200071
Posterior slope of tibial plateau in ChineseChiu, PKY; Zhang, SD; Zhang, GH199976
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