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Recoding RNA editing of AZIN1 predisposes to hepatocellular carcinomaChen, L; Li, Y; Lin, C; Chan, HM; Chow, KK; Song, Y; Liu, M; Yuan, YF; Fu, L; Kong, KL; Qi, L; Li, Y; Zhang, N; Tong, AHY; Kwong, DLW; Man, K; Lo, CM; Lok, S; Tenen, DG; Guan, X2013109
A hybrid MPPT method for photovoltaic systems via estimation and revision methodMa, J; Man, KL; Ting, TO; Zhang, N; Lei, CU; Wong, N201358
Low-cost global MPPT scheme for photovoltaic systems under partially shaded conditionsMa, J; Man, KL; Ting, TO; Zhang, N; Lei, CU; Wong, N201357
Exploring multipartite quantum correlations with the square of quantum discordBai, Y; Zhang, N; Ye, M; Wang, Z201336
AFM nanoindentation detection of the elastic modulus of tongue squamous carcinoma cells with different metastatic potentialsZhou, Z; Zheng, C; Li, S; Zhou, X; Liu, Z; He, Q; Zhang, N; Ngan, AHW; Tang, B; Wang, A201330
Identification of MicroRNA-like RNAs in Mycelial and yeast phases of the thermal dimorphic fungus Penicillium marneffeiLau, SKP; Chow, WN; Wong, YP; Yeung, MY; Bao, Y; Zhang, N; Lok, S; Woo, PCY; Yuen, KY201335
Adaptive flocking with a virtual leader of multiple agents governed by locally Lipschitz nonlinearitySu, H; Zhang, N; Chen, MZ; Wang, H; Wang, XF201277
Identification of PTK6, via RNA sequencing analysis, as a suppressor of esophageal squamous cell carcinomaMa, S; Bao, JYJ; Kwan, PS; Chan, YP; Tong, CM; Fu, L; Zhang, N; Tong, AHY; Qin, YR; Tsao, SW; Chan, KW; Lok, S; Guan, XY2012198
Adaptive flocking of multi-agent systems with locally Lipschitz nonlinearityZhang, N; Su, H; Chen, MZ; Wang, XF201265
A preliminary study for development of oral vaccines for poultry and wild birds against avian H5N1 influenza virus infectionZhang, K; Yu, B; Cao, T; Zhang, N; Huang, J201188
User evaluation of e-Government systems: a Chinese cultural perspectiveZhang, N; Guo, XH; Chen, GQ; Chau, PYK201198
Swine-origin influenza virus like particle vaccine conferred complete protection against lethal viral challenge in BALB/C miceZhang, N; Lin, Y; Chen, M; Zhang, Q; Cao, T; Zheng, B2011150
Simulation embedded artificial intelligence search method for supplier trading portfolio decisionFeng, D; Yan, Z; Østergaard, J; Xu, Z; Gan, D; Zhong, J; Zhang, N; Dai, T201091
Effect of loading rate on shear strength of SnAgCu solder jointLu, W; Zhang, N; Shi, Y; Lei, Y201063
Direct identification and quantification of host and viral microRNAs after influenza infection using the next generation ultra-high throughput DNA sequencer.Lee, MY; Tong, AHY; Zhang, N; Bao, Y; Lok, S201090
Impact of perceived fit on e-government user evaluation: A study with a chinese cultural contextZhang, N; Guo, X; Chen, G; Chau, PYK2009432
Parameter-dependent input-delayed control of uncertain vehicle suspensionsDu, H; Zhang, N; Lam, J2008161
Computation of robust H∞ controllers for time-delay systems using genetic algorithmsDu, H; Zhang, N; Lam, J200762
Modelling of a magneto-rheological damper by evolving radial basis function networksDu, H; Lam, J; Zhang, N200669
The exact solution of coupled thermoelectroelastic behavior of piezoelectric laminatesZhang, C; Cheung, YK; Di, S; Zhang, N200280
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