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Waterproof of rock joint with lead strip for splitting tuff sheet in ancient China quarrying cavernsYang, ZF; Zhang, LQ; Yue, ZQ; Zhang, ZJ; Yang, TY; Lin, XJ; Tao, KJ; Zhu, JW2012161
Engineering geological characteristics, failure modes and protective measures of Longyou rock caverns of 2000 years oldLi, LH; Yang, ZF; Yue, ZQ; Zhang, LQ2009234
An efficient and accurate iterative stress solution for an infinite elastic plate around two elliptic holes, subjected to uniform loads on the hole boundaries and at infinityZhang, LQ; Lu, AZ; Yue, ZQ; Yang, ZF2009198
Self-healing of Cracks in Surrounding Rocks of Longyou Caverns Caved 2000 Years AgoYue, QZQ; Yang, ZF; Zhang, LQ2009113
A displacement-based back-analysis method for rock mass modulus and horizontal in situ stress in tunneling - Illustrated with a case studyZhang, LQ; Yue, ZQ; Yang, ZF; Qi, JX; Liu, FC2006132
Stress solution of multiple elliptic hole problem in plane elasticityZhang, LQ; Yue, ZQ; Lee, CF; Tham, LG; Yang, ZF2003148
Optimal model reduction of stable delay systemsZhang, LQ; Lam, J1998277
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