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A water-soluble ruthenium glycosylated porphyrin catalyst for carbenoid transfer reactions in aqueous media with applications in bioconjugation reactionsHo, CM; Zhang, JL; Zhou, CY; Chan, OY; Yan, JJ; Zhang, FY; Huang, JS; Che, CM2010590
Co-expression of two detoxifying pesticide-degrading enzymes in a genetically engineered bacteriumLan, WS; Gu, J; Zhang, JL; Shen, BC; Jiang, H; Muchandani, A; Chen, W; Qiao, CL2006106
Oxidation chemistry of poly(ethylene glycol)-supported carbonylruthenium(ii) and dioxoruthenium(vi) meso-tetrakis(pentafluorophenyl) porphyrinZhang, JL; Huang, JS; Che, CM2006310
Coexpression of two detoxifying pesticide-degrading enzymes in a genetically engineered bacteriumLan, WS; Gu, JD; Zhang, JL; Shen, BC; Jiang, H; Mulchandani, A; Chen, W; Qiao, CL200669
Hydrocarbon oxidation by β-halogenated dioxoruthenium(vi) porphyrin complexes: Effect of reduction potential (Ru VI/V) and C-H bond-dissociation energy on rate constantsChe, CM; Zhang, JL; Zhang, R; Huang, JS; Lai, TS; Tsui, WM; Zhou, XG; Zhou, ZY; Zhu, N; Chang, CK2005234
Dichlororuthenium(IV) complex of meso-Tetrakis(2,6-dichlorophenyl) porphyrin: Active and robust catalyst for highly selective oxidation of arenes, Unsaturated steroids, and electron-deficient alkenes by using 2,6-dichloropyridine N-oxideZhang, JL; Che, CM2005107
Ruthenium(II) porphyrin catalyzed cyclopropanation of alkenes with tosylhydrazonesZhang, JL; Hong Chan, PW; Che, CM2003115
Dendritic metalloporphyrins as catalysts for organic transformationsChe, CM; Huang, JS; Zhang, JL2003124
PEG-linked luminescent platinum(II) complex as aqueous polymeric molecular light switch for protein binding reactionsChe, CM; Zhang, JL; Lin, LR2002104
Soluble Polymer-Supported Ruthenium Porphyrin Catalysts for Epoxidation, Cyclopropanation, and Aziridination of AlkenesZhang, JL; Che, CM200292
Phase transitions in rotating neutron stars: Effects of stellar crustsCheng, KS; Yuan, YF; Zhang, JL2002238
Dendritic ruthenium porphyrins: A new class of highly selective catalysts for alkene epoxidation and cyclopropanationZhang, JL; Zhou, HB; Huang, JS; Che, CM2002115
Chiral ruthenium porphyrin encapsulated in ordered mesoporous molecular sieves (MCM-41 and MCM-48) as catalysts for asymmetric alkene epoxidation and cyclopropanationZhang, JL; Liu, YL; Che, CM2002198
Synchro-curvature radiation - A new and more general radiation in curved magnetic fieldZhang, JL; Cheng, KS199655
General radiation formulae for a relativistic charged particle moving in curved magnetic field lines: The synchrocurvature radiation mechanismCheng, KS; Zhang, JL1996300
Spectral shifts between massive and massless particles from cosmic sourcesZhang, JL; Cheng, KS; Lee, TM199582
Radiation formulae for a relativistic charged particle moving in a curved spiral trajectoryZhang, JL; Cheng, KS1995125
Remarks on triaxiality, spin-up, and magnetic field obliquity of some millisecond pulsarsChau, WY; Cheng, KS; Zhang, JL199255
Effects of evolving rotating equilibrium configurations on the cooling and spin-down of pulsarsCheng, KS; Chau, WY; Zhang, JL; Chau, HF199255
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