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Responses of distraction regenerate to high-frequency traction at a rapid rateLiu, X; Zhang, HX; Ma, L; Peng, L; Cheung, LK; Zheng, L201275
Comparison of gene expression of tissue inhibitor of matrix metalloproteinase-1 between continuous and intermittent distraction osteogenesis: a quantitative study on rabbitsLiu, X; Cheung, LK; Zhang, HX; Li, J; Ma, L; Zheng, L2012203
Response of gingival tissue to high-frequency traction at a rapid rateLi, C; Zhang, HX; Ma, L; Peng, L; Cheung, LK; Zheng, L201261
Mandibular distraction osteogenesis: continuous distraction at a rapid rate in the rabbit modelLiu, X; Zhang, HX; Ma, L; Peng, L; Cheung, LK; Zheng, L201276
Electronic structures and spectroscopic properties of [Pt(CNMe)2(CN)2]n (n = 1-4): A theoretical exploration of promising phosphorescent materialsZhou, X; Zhang, HX; Pan, QJ; Li, MX; Wang, Y; Che, CM200790
Metal-metal interactions in heterobimetallic d8-d10 complexes. Structures and spectroscopic investigation of [M′M″(μ-dcpm)2(CN)2]+ (M′ = Pt, Pd; M″ = Cu, Ag, Au) and related complexes by UV-vis absorption and resonance Raman spectroscopy and ab initio calculationsXia, BH; Zhang, HX; Che, CM; Leung, KH; Phillips, DL; Zhu, N; Zhou, ZY200357
Aurophilic attraction and luminescence of binuclear gold(I) complexes with bridging phosphine ligands: Ab initio studyZhang, HX; Che, CM2001134
Mycophenolate mofetil inhibits nitric oxide generation during renal ischemia repefusion injury. [Abstract presented at the Annual Meeting of the American Society of Transplant Physicians, May 15-19, Chicago, USA]Lui, SL; Zhang, HX; Chan, L; Zhu, W; Chan, DTM; Fung, CW; Lai, KN199981
An ab inito study on the conformation and gold( I )-gold( I ) interaction of the isomeric H 2C[P(Ph) 2AuX] 2 and HC[P(Ph) 2AuX] 3(X=I,Cl)Su, ZM; Zhang, HX; Che, CM1997111
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