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Aggregation pattern transitions by slightly varying the attractive/repulsive functionCheng, Z; Zhang, HT; Chen, MZQ; Zhou, T; Valeyev, NV2011109
Fast consensus via predictive pinning controlZhang, HT; Chen, MZQ; Stan, GB2011123
Multi-channel Hammerstein identificationWei, Y; Zhang, HT; Chen, MZ; Zhou, T201057
Spatially quantifying the leadership effectiveness in collective behaviorZhang, HT; Wang, N; Chen, MZQ; Su, RQ; Zhou, T; Zhou, C2010122
Effective usage of credit records promotes cooperation on weighted networksZhai, C; Zhang, HT; Zhao, Y; Chen, MZQ; Rong, ZH; Wang, BH201098
A novel dual-mode predictive control strategy for constrained Wiener systemsZhang, HT; Chen, G; Chen, MZQ201080
Nonlinear laguerre-volterra observer-controller and its application to process controlZhang, HT; Chen, MZQ; Chen, Z201069
Improve consensus via decentralized predictive mechanismsZhang, HT; Chen, MZQ; Zhou, T2009120
Predictive protocol of flocks with small-world connection patternZhang, HT; Chen, MZQ; Zhou, T2009155
Ultrafast consensus via predictive mechanismsZhang, HT; Zhiqiang Chen, M; Zhou, T; Stan, GB200884
Collective behavior coordination with predictive mechanismsZhang, HT; Chen, MZ; Stan, GB; Zhou, T; Maciejowski, JM200864
Singularities and symmetry breaking in swarmsLi, W; Zhang, HT; Chen, MZ; Zhou, T200873
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