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Tooth loss, occluding pairs, and prosthetic status of Chinese adultsLin, HC; Corbet, EF; Lo, ECM; Zhang, HG2001186
Coronal and root caries in Southern Chinese adultsLin, HC; Wong, MCM; Zhang, HG; Lo, ECM; Schwarz, E2001342
Oral health status and oral health behaviors in Chinese childrenWong, MCM; Lo, ECM; Schwarz, E; Zhang, HG2001300
An oral health survey in Southern China, 1997: Background and methodologySchwarz, E; Zhang, HG; Wang, ZJ; Lin, HC; Lo, ECM; Corbet, EF; Wong, MCM2001161
Normative and perceived dental treatment need of the middle-aged and the elderly in Guangdong, China. [in Chinese)Lin, HC; Liao, XF; Zhang, HG; Liu, JW; Lo, ECM1999123
A survey of dental caries status in the primary dentition of 5-6 year-old children in Guangdong [in Chinese]Liu, JW; Zhang, HG; Wang, ZJ; Liao, XF; Lo, ECM; Lin, HC; Wong, CM1998108
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