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Episodic growth of Precambrian lower crust beneath the North China Craton: A synthesisZhang, HF; Ying, JF; Santosh, M; Zhao, GC2012126
The origin of Mengyin and Fuxian diamondiferous kimberlites from the North China Craton: Implication for Palaeozoic subducted oceanic slab-mantle interactionZhang, HF; Zhou, MF; Sun, M; Zhou, XH201099
Multiple accretionary events of the lower crust of the North China Craton: evidence from zircon U-Pb ages and Hf isotopesZhang, HF; Ying, JF; Santosh, MW; Zhao, G201091
Tectonic affinity of the west Qinling terrane (central China): North China or Yangtze?Zheng, JP; Griffin, WL; Sun, M; O'Reilly, SY; Zhang, HF; Zhou, HW; Xiao, L; Tang, HY; Zhang, ZH201099
Comprehensive refertilization of lithospheric mantle beneath the North China Craton: Further Os-Sr-Nd isotopic constraintsZhang, HF; Goldstein, SL; Zhou, XH; Sun, M; Cai, Y20091,097
Evolution of subcontinental lithospheric mantle beneath eastern China: Re-Os isotopic evidence from mantle xenoliths in Paleozoic kimberlites and Mesozoic basaltsZhang, HF; Goldstein, SL; Zhou, XH; Sun, M; Zheng, JP; Cai, Y2008130
Geochemistry and Nd-Sr-Pb isotopic compositions of granitoids from qaidam and oulongbuluke micro-blocks, NW China: Constraints on basement nature and tectonic affinityChen, NS; Wang, XY; Zhang, HF; Sun, M; Li, XY; Chen, Q2007207
Transformation of subcontinental lithospheric mantle through peridotite-melt reaction: Evidence from a highly fertile mantle xenolith from the North China cratonZhang, HF; Nakamura, E; Sun, M; Kobayashi, K; Zhang, J; Ying, JF; Tang, YJ; Niu, LF2007149
LA-ICPMS U-Pb zircon dating for felsic granulite, Huangtuling Area, North Dabieshan: Constraints on timing of its protolith and granulite-facies metamorphism, and thermal events in its provenanceChen, NS; Liu, R; Sun, M; Li, HM; He, L; Wang, QY; Zhang, HF2006134
Geochemical constraints on the origin of Mesozoic alkaline intrusive complexes from the North China Craton and tectonic implicationsZhang, HF; Sun, M; Zhou, XH; Ying, JF2005281
Nature, composition, enrichment processes and its mechanism of the Mesozoic lithospheric mantle beneath the southeastern North China CratonZhang, HF; Zhou, XH; Fan, WM; Sun, M; Guo, F; Ying, JF; Tang, YJ; Zhang, J; Niu, LF2005173
Highly heterogeneous Late Mesozoic lithospheric mantle beneath the North China Craton: evidence from Sr–Nd–Pb isotopic systematics of mafic igneous rocksZhang, HF; Sun, M; Zhou, MF; Fan, WM; Zhou, XH; Zhai, MG2004857
Secular evolution of the lithosphere beneath the eastern North China Craton: Evidence from Mesozoic basalts and high-Mg andesitesZhang, HF; Sun, M; Zhou, XH; Zhou, MF; Fan, WM; Zheng, JP2003112
Mesozoic lithosphere destruction beneath the North China Craton: Evidence from major-, trace-element and Sr-Nd-Pb isotope studies of Fangcheng basaltsZhang, HF; Sun, M; Zhou, XH; Fan, WM; Zhai, MG; Yin, JF2002135
Geochemistry of Mesozoic basalts and mafic dikes, southeastern North China Craton, and tectonic implicationsZhang, HF; Sun, M2002112
Geochemical significance of a garnet lherzolite from the Dahongshan kimberlite, Yangtze Craton, southern ChinaZhang, HF; Sun, M; Lu, FX; Zhou, XH; Zhou, MF; Liu, YS; Zhang, GH2001196
Major Transformation of Subcontinental Lithosphere Mantle Beneath North China: inferred from geochemistry of Late Mesozoic magmatism in Shangdong and Sulu regionZhou, XH; Sun, M; Zhang, HF; Yang, JH; Chen, L; Ying, JF200191
Mobility of non-planar screw dislocations ahead of a mode III crack tipNgan, AHW; Zhang, HF199987
Atomistic simulation of screw dislocation mobility ahead of a mode III crack tip in the BCC structureZhang, HF; Ngan, AHW1999174
A universal relation for the stress dependence of activation energy for slip in body-centered cubic crystalsNgan, AHW; Zhang, HF1999285
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