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EZH2 supports nasopharyngeal carcinoma cell aggressiveness by forming a co-repressor complex with HDAC1/HDAC2 and Snail to inhibit E-cadherin
Nature Publishing Group. The Journal's web site is located at
Tong, ZT; Cai, MY; Wang, XG; Kong, LL; Mai, SJ; Liu, YH; Zhang, HB; Liao, YJ; Zheng, F; Zhu, W; Liu, TH; Bian, XW; Guan, XY; Lin, MC; Zeng, MS; Zeng, YX; Kung, HF; Xie, D2012340
Effects of somatostatin, octreotide and pitressin plus nitroglycerine on systemic and portal haemodynamics in the control of acute variceal bleeding
International Journal of Clinical Practice
Blackwell Publishing Ltd. The Journal's web site is located at
Zhang, HB; Wong, BCY; Zhou, XM; Guo, XG; Zhao, SJ; Wang, JH; Wu, KC; Ding, J; Lam, SK; Fan, DM2002237
Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs induce apoptosis in gastric cancer cells through up-regulation of bax and bak
Oxford University Press. The Journal's web site is located at
Zhou, XM; Wong, BCY; Fan, XM; Zhang, HB; Lin, MCM; Kung, HF; Fan, DM; Lam, SK2001206
Induced gastric mucosal apoptosis in Helicobacter pylori positive patients taking low lose aspirin: a 6-month case-control study
Proceedings, Second Joint Scientific Meeting, Hong Kong Society of Gastroenterology, Hong Kong Society of Digestive Endoscopy, Hong Kong Society for Coloproctology, 2 September
Zhou, XM; Lai, KC; Lam, SK; Zhang, HB; Lan, XR; Fan, XM; Hui, WM; Fan, DM; Wong, BCY2000168
The Observation of Pulsars at Urumqi Astronomical Observatory
Stellar Astrophysics: Proceedings of the Pacific Rim Conference Held in Hong Kong, 1999
Wu, XJ; Wang, N; Zhang, J; Esamdin, A; Manchester, RN; Cheng, KS; Lyne, AG; Yusup, A; Zhang, HB; Kang, L; Jin, SZ2000206
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