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Ischemic postconditioning downregulates Egr-1 expression and attenuates postischemic pulmonary inflammatory cytokine release and tissue injury in ratsWu, H; Lei, S; Yuan, J; Liu, X; Zhang, D; Gu, X; Zhang, L; Xia, Z2013109
Fighting for the life of the party: making anticorruption campaigns work in ChinaZhu, J; Zhang, D; Wu, Y201339
Towards a metagenomic understanding on enhanced biomethane production from waste activated sludge after pH 10 pretreatmentWong, MT; Zhang, D; Li, J; Hui, RKH; Tun, HM; Brar, MS; Park, TJ; Chen, Y; Leung, FCC201346
Undrained shear behavior of loess saturated with different concentrations of sodium chloride solutionZhang, F; Wang, G; Kamai, T; Chen, W; Zhang, D; Yang, J201344
Does censored corruption news on the Internet decrease political trust and increase demand for democracy in China?Zhu, J; Lu, J; Zhang, D201334
Superfluid and magnetic states of an ultracold Bose gas with synthetic three-dimensional spin-orbit coupling in an optical latticeZhang, D; Chen, J; Shan, C; Wang, Z; Zhu, S201327
Large-area, high-quality self-assembly electron transport layer for organic optoelectronic devicesZhang, D; Choy, WCH; Xie, FX; Li, X201291
Osteocalcin expression in cells : recent research in dentistryYang, Y; Chai, L; Li, XT; Zhang, D; Rabie, ABM201290
Effects of medicinal herb salvia miltiorrhiza on bone cell activitiesYang, Y; Chai, L; Zhang, D; Rabie, ABM2012104
Macroscopic Klein tunneling in spin-orbit-coupled Bose-Einstein condensatesZhang, D; Xue, ZY; Yan, H; Wang, ZD; Zhu, SL2012172
Particle-number fractionalization of a one-dimensional atomic Fermi gas with synthetic spin-orbit couplingZhang, D; Shao, L; Xue, ZY; Yan, H; Wang, Z; Zhu, S201238
Interplay between topological insulators and superconductorsWang, J; Chang, CZ; Li, H; He, K; Zhang, D; Singh, M; Ma, XC; Samarth, N; Xie, M; Xue, QK; Chan, MHW2012206
Towards a metagenomic understanding on enhanced biomethane production from waste activated sludge after pH 10 pretreatmentWong, TM; Zhang, D; Li, J; Hui, RKH; Tun, HM; Brar, MS; Park, TJ; Chen, Y; Leung, FCC201230
A clique-based algorithm for constructing feasible timetablesLiu, Y; Zhang, D; Chin, FYL2011179
An in vitro model of the glomerular capillary wall using electrospun collagen nanofibres in a bioartificial composite basement membraneSlater, SC; Beachley, V; Hayes, T; Zhang, D; Welsh, GI; Saleem, MA; Mathieson, PW; Wen, X; Su, B; Satchell, SC201112
Auto-tracking system for human lumbar motion analysisSui, F; Zhang, D; Lam, SCB; Zhao, L; Wang, D; Bi, Z; Hu, Y2011266
Polymer solar cells with gold nanoclusters decorated multi-layer graphene as transparent electrodeZhang, D; Choy, WCH; Wang, CCD; Li, X; Fan, L; Wang, K; Zhu, H2011122
Erratum: The sequence and de novo assembly of the giant panda genome (Nature (2010) 463 (311-317))Li, R; Fan, W; Tian, G; Zhu, H; He, L; Cai, J; Huang, Q; Cai, Q; Li, B; Bai, Y; Zhang, Z; Wang, Y; Lam, TW; Yiu, SM; Liu, S; Zhang, H; Li, D; Huang, Y; Waeng, X; Yang, G; Jiang, Z; Zhang, Y; Wang, J; Qin, N; Li, L; Li, J; Bolund, L; Kristiansen, K; Wong, GKS; Olson, M; Zhang, X; Li, S; Wang, W; Yang, H; Wang, J; Weng, J; Li, J; Wei, F; Li, H; Jian, M; Li, J; Zhang, Z; Nielsen, R; Li, D; Gu, W; Yang, Z; Xuan, Z; Ryder, OA; Leung, FCC; Zhou, Y; Cao, J; Sun, X; Fu, Y; Fang, X; Guo, X; Wang, B; Hou, R; Shen, F; Mu, B; Ni, P; Lin, R; Qian, W; Wang, G; Yu, C; Nie, W; Wang, J; Wu, Z; Liang, H; Min, J; Wu, Q; Cheng, S; Ruan, J; Wang, M; Shi, Z; Wen, M; Liu, B; Ren, X; Zheng, H; Dong, D; Cook, K; Shan, G; Zhang, H; Kosiol, C; Xie, X; Lu, Z; Zheng, H; Li, Y; Steiner, CC; Lam, TTY; Lin, S; Zhang, Q; Li, G; Tian, J; Gong, T; Liu, H; Zhang, D; Fang, L; Ye, C; Zhang, J; Hu, W; Xu, A; Ren, Y; Zhang, G; Bruford, MW; Li, Q; Ma, L; Guo, Y; An, N; Hu, Y; Zheng, Y; Shi, Y; Li, Z; Liu, Q; Chen, Y; Zhao, J; Qu, N; Zhao, S; Tian, F; Wang, X; Wang, H; Xu, L; Liu, X; Vinar, T2010181
An efficient bismuth tungstate visible-light-driven photocatalyst for breaking down nitric oxideLi, G; Zhang, D; Yu, JC; Leung, MKH2010889
Iron-containing lipoprotein SiaA in SiaABC, the primary heme transporter of Streptococcus pyogenesSun, X; Ge, R; Zhang, D; Sun, H; He, QY2010107
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