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An Intuitive 3D Interface Infrastructure for virtual reality applicationsChoi, SH; Yang, XB; Yuen, KK201256
A performance evaluation study for Light Rail Transit Stations in Hong KongLi, YW; Ho, DCW; Lo, SM; Yuen, KK201149
A full-immersive CAVE-based VR simulation system of forklift truck operations for safety trainingYuen, KK; Choi, SH; Yang, XB201092
A CAVE-based VR simulation system for safety enhancement of forklift truck operations in warehousesYuen, KK; Choi, SH; Yang, X2010116
An intuitive human-computer interface for large display virtual reality applicationsYang, XB; Choi, SH; Yuen, KK; Chan, LKY2010124
Whole-Field Simultaneous Integrated-Boost Intensity-Modulated Radiotherapy for Patients With Nasopharyngeal CarcinomaWong, FCS; Ng, AWY; Lee, VHF; Lui, CMM; Yuen, KK; Sze, WK; Leung, TW; Tung, SY2010135
CFD wind tunnel test: Field velocity patterns of wind on a building with a refuge floorCheng, CK; Yuen, KK; Lam, KM; Lo, SM2005190
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