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Prolonged release from PLGA/HAp scaffolds containing drug-loaded PLGA/gelatin composite microspheresTang, G; Zhang, H; Zhao, Y; Li, X; Yuan, X; Wang, M2012185
Changes and significance of IL-25 in chicken collagen II-induced experimental arthritis (CIA)Kaiwen, W; Zhaoliang, S; Yinxia, Z; Siamak, SS; Zhijun, J; Yuan, X; Heng, Y; Dong, Z; Yanfang, L; Pei, S; Shengjun, W; Qixiang, S; Xinxiang, H; Lu, L; Huaxi, X201266
Controlled release of bovine serum albumin from electrospun fibrous membranes via an improved emulsion-core techniqueZhang, H; Zhao, Y; Han, F; Wang, M; Yuan, X2011100
Controlled release of BSA by microsphere-incorporated PLGA scaffolds under cyclic loadingYang, Y; Tang, G; Zhang, H; Zhao, Y; Yuan, X; Fan, Y; Wang, M2011579
Controllable dual-release of dexamethasone and bovine serum albumin from PLGA/β-tricalcium phosphate composite scaffoldsYang, Y; Tang, G; Zhang, H; Zhao, Y; Yuan, X; Wang, M; Yuan, X2011550
The mean-WCVaR based model for LDC's optimal portfolio in transmission and distribution separated electricity marketsLiu, H; Yuan, X; Chen, X; Hou, Y201060
Controlled drug delivery from porous PLGA scaffolds under dynamic and static loading conditionsTang, G; Yang, Y; Zhao, Y; Yuan, X; Wang, M; Fan, Y2010223
Controlled release of drugs from microsphere-attached scaffolds under static or cyclic loadingYang, Y; Tang, G; Zhao, Y; Yuan, X; Fan, Y; Wang, M2010139
Long-term and seasonal changes in nutrients, phytoplankton biomass, and dissolved oxygen in deep bay, Hong KongXu, J; Yin, K; Lee, JHW; Liu, H; Ho, AYT; Yuan, X; Harrison, PJ2010449
Electrospinning of PLLA micro- and nanofibers: effects of electrospinning parameters on fiber diameter and morphologyKang, J; Wang, M; Yuan, X2009120
Controlled release of drugs from porous PLGA scaffolds under cyclic loadingYang, Y; Tang, G; Zhang, H; Zhao, Y; Yuan, X; Fan, Y; Wang, M2009113
SHRIMP zircon U-Pb age constraints on Neoproterozoic Quruqtagh diamictites in NW ChinaXu, B; Xiao, S; Zou, H; Chen, Y; Li, Z-X; Song, B; Liu, D; Zhou, C; Yuan, X2009246
Fibrous scaffolds of genipin-crosslinked gelatin fabricated through electrospinningKang, J; Wang, M; Yuan, X2009114
Temporal and spatial variations in nutrient stoichiometry and regulation of phytoplankton biomass in Hong Kong waters: Influence of the Pearl River outflow and sewage inputsXu, J; Ho, AYT; Yin, K; Yuan, X; Anderson, DM; Lee, JHW; Harrison, PJ2008274
Hybrid nanofibrous membranes of PLGA/chitosan fabricated via an electrospinning arrayDuan, B; Wu, L; Yuan, X; Hu, Z; Li, X; Zhang, Y; Yao, K; Wang, M2007314
Classification of in VIVO autofluorescence spectra using support vector machinesLin, W; Yuan, X; Yuen, P; Wei, WI; Sham, J; Shi, P; Qu, J2004343
Classification of autofluorescence spectra using the algorithm based on support vector machineLin, WM; Yuan, X; Shi, PC; Qu, JN; Yuen, PW; Sham, J; Wei, WI200366
Combined classifier for discriminating cancerous tissue from normal tissue using light-induced autofluorescenceLin, WM; Yuan, X; Yuen, PW; Sham, J; Wei, WI; Wen, Y; Shi, PC; Qu, JN200354
2-D optical MEMS switches with concave mirrorsLi, G; Li, CY; Li, VOK; Wai, PKA; Xie, H; Yuan, X2003143
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