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Pioglitazone prevents smoking carcinogen-induced lung tumor development in miceLi, M-Y; Kong, AWY; Yuan, H; Ma, LT; Hsin, MKY; Wan, IYP; Underwood, MJ; Chen, GG201227
An empirical investigation of construction and demolition waste generation rates in Shenzhen city, South ChinaLu, W; Yuan, H; Li, J; Hao, JJL; Mi, X; Ding, Z2011261
A framework for understanding waste management studies in constructionLu, W; Yuan, H2011132
15-Lipoxygenases and its metabolites 15(S)-HETE and 13(S)-HODE in the development of non-small cell lung cancerYuan, H; Li, M-Y; Ma, LT; Hsin, MKY; Mok, TSK; Underwood, MJ; Chen, GG201030
Roles of peroxisome proliferator-activated receptor-α and -γ in the development of non-small cell lung cancerLi, M-Y; Yuan, H; Ma, LT; Kong, AWY; Hsin, MKY; Yip, JHY; Underwood, MJ; Chen, GG201019
Critical success factors for on-site sorting of construction waste: A china studyWang, J; Yuan, H; Kang, X; Lu, W2010296
Exploring critical success factors for waste management in construction projects of ChinaLu, W; Yuan, H2010283
Study of multihydroxylated processes of Gd@C82 by ICP-MASSCheng, Y; Liu, K; Xing, G; Yuan, H; Jing, L; Zhao, Y2007113
5p Electronic properties of Gd in Gd@C82(OH)x studied by synchrotron radiation XPSTang, J; Xing, G; Yuan, H; Gao, X; Jing, L; Wang, S; Cheng, Y; Zhao, Y2007184
Study of rare earth encapsulated carbon nanomolecules for biomedical usesQu, L; Cao, W; Xing, G; Zhang, J; Yuan, H; Tang, J; Cheng, Y; Zhang, B; Zhao, Y; Lei, H2006110
Periodical variation of electronic properties in polyhydroxylated metallofullerene materialsTang, J; Xing, G; Zhao, Y; Jing, L; Gao, X; Cheng, Y; Yuan, H; Zhao, F; Chen, Z; Meng, H; Zhang, H; Qian, H; Su, R; Ibrahim, K2006128
Synthesis of new fullerene C121 by neutron irradiationChen, Z; Qu, L; Cheng, Y; Xing, G; Yuan, H; Zhao, Y; Chai, Z200590
Tuning electronic properties of metallic atom in bondage to a nanospaceTang, J; Xing, G; Yuan, H; Cao, W; Jing, L; Gao, X; Qu, L; Cheng, Y; Ye, C; Zhao, Y; Chai, Z; Ibrahim, K; Qian, H; Su, R2005120
Ce anomaly in minerals of eclogite and garnet pyroxenite from Dabie-Sulu ultrahigh pressure metamorphic belt: Tacking subducted sediment formed under oxidizing conditionsLuo, Y; Gao, S; Yuan, H; Liu, X; Deltlef, G; Jin, Z; Sun, M200489
Effect of lamivudine therapy on the serum covalently closed circular DNA of chronic hepatitis B infection.Yuen, RMF; Wong, DKH; Sum, SM; Yuan, H; Yuen, JCH; Chan, OO; Wong, BCY; Lai, CL200465
Quantitation of covalently closed circular hepatitis B virus DNA in chronic B patientsWong, DKH; Yuen, MF; Yuan, H; Sum, SSM; Hui, GK; Hall, J; Lai, CL200475
Synthesis of new carbon nanomolecule: C141Chen, Z; Zhao, Y; Qu, L; Gao, X; Zhang, J; Yuan, H; Chai, Z; Xing, G; Cheng, Y2004145
Detection of intrahepatic hepatitis B virus DNA and correlation with hepatic necroinflammation and fibrosisWong, DKH; Yuen, MF; Tse, E; Yuan, H; Sum, SSM; Hui, CK; Lai, CL2004326
Hepatitis B virus genotypes B and C do not affect the anti-viral response to lamivudineYuen, RMF; Wong, DKH; Sablon, E; Yuan, H; Sum, SM; Hui, CK; Chan, AOO; Wong, BCY; Lai, CL200386
A novel real-time PCR assay using molecular beacon (HBV Beacon Assay) for the quantitation of hepatitis B virus DNASum, SM; Wong, DKH; Yuen, RMF; Yuan, H; Yu, J; Lai, CL; Zhang, L; Ho, D2003150
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