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Geochemistry and U-Pb detrital zircon dating of Paleozoic graywackes in East Junggar, NW China: insights into subduction-accretion processes in the southern Central Asian Orogenic BeltLong, X; Yuan, C; Sun, M; Safonova, I; Xiao, W; Wang, Y2012185
Geochemistry and Nd isotopic composition of the Early Paleozoic flysch sequence in the Chinese Altai, Central Asia: evidence for a northward-derived mafic source and insight into Nd model ages in accretionary orogenLong, X; Yuan, C; Sun, M; Xiao, W; Wang, Y; Cai, K; Jiang, Y2012177
Keketuohai mafic-ultramafic complex in the Chinese Altai, NW China: petrogenesis and geodynamic significanceCai, K; Sun, M; Yuan, C; Zhao, G; Xiao, W; Long, X2012148
Zircon REE patterns and geochemical characteristics of Paleoproterozoic anatectic granite in the northern Tarim Craton, NW China: implications for the reconstruction of the Columbia supercontinentLong, X; Sun, M; Yuan, C; Kroener, A; Hu, A2012149
The high-grade Tseel Terrane in SW Mongolia: an early Paleozoic arc system or a Precambrian sliver?Jiang, Y; Sun, M; Kroner, A; Tumurkhuu, D; Long, X; Zhao, G; Yuan, C; Xiao, W2012124
Late Ordovician to early Devonian adakites and Nb-enriched basalts in the Liuyuan area, Beishan, NW China: Implications for early Paleozoic slab-melting and crustal growth in the southern AltaidsMao, Q; Xiao, W; Fang, T; Wang, J; Han, C; Sun, M; Yuan, C2012156
Carboniferous mantle-derived felsic intrusion in the Chinese Altai, NW China: implications for geodynamic change of the accretionary orogenic beltCai, K; Sun, M; Yuan, C; Xiao, W; Zhao, G; Long, X; Wu, F2012104
The early Paleozoic tectonic evolution of the West Kunlun mountains: New Constraint from the North Küda PlutonYuan, C; zhou, H; Sun, M; Li, J; Hou, Q201220
The Chinese Altai: a Paleozoic Arc Terrane or a Precambrian Micro-continent?Jiang, Y.D; Sun, M; Zhao, G; Yuan, C; Xiao, W.J; Long, X2011135
Geochemical and geochronological study of early Carboniferous volcanic rocks from the West Junggar: petrogenesis and tectonic implicationsGeng, H; Sun, M; Yuan, C; Zhao, G; Xiao, W2011122
Geochronological and Geochemical Study of Mafic Dykes from the Northwest Chinese Altai: Implications for Petrogenesis and Tectonic EvolutionCai, K.D; Sun, M; Yuan, C; Zhao, G; Xiao, W.J; Long, X; Wu, F.Y2011133
Geochemistry, zircon U-Pb ages and Hf isotopes of the Paleozoic volcanic rocks in the northwestern Chinese Altai: petrogenesis and tectonic implicationsWang, Y.J; Yuan, C; Long, X; Sun, M; Xiao, W; Zhao, G; Cai, K; Jiang, Y2011143
Reworking of the Tarim Craton by underplating of mantle plume-derived magmas: Evidence from Neoproterozoic granitoids in the Kuluketage area, NW ChinaLong, X; Yuan, C; Sun, M; Kröner, A; Zhao, G; Wilde, S; Hu, A20112,889
Geochronology, petrogenesis and tectonic significance of peraluminous granites from the Chinese Altai, NW ChinaCai, K; Sun, M; Yuan, C; Zhao, G; Xiao, W; Long, X; Wu, FY2011104
The discovery of the oldest rocks in the Kuluketage area and its geological implicationsLong, XP; Yuan, C; Sun, M; Xiao, WJ; Zhao, GC; Zhou, KF; Wang, YJ; Hu, AQ2011321
Kinematics and age constraints of deformation in a Late Carboniferous accretionary complex in Western Junggar, NW ChinaZhang, J; Xiao, W; Han, C; Ao, S; Yuan, C; Sun, M; Geng, H; Zhao, G; Guo, Q; Ma, C20111,255
Oceanic lithospheric mantle beneath the continental crust of the Chinese AltaiYuan, C; Sun, M; Xu, Y; Zhao, G; Xiao, W; Long, X; Yin, J2011605
Geological framework and Paleozoic tectonic history of the Chinese Altai, NW China: A reviewCai, K; Sun, M; Yuan, C; Long, X; Xiao, W2011122
Precambrian detrital zircons in the Early Paleozoic Chinese Altai: Their provenance and implications for the crustal growth of central AsiaJiang, Y; Sun, M; Zhao, G; Yuan, C; Xiao, W; Xia, X; Long, X; Wu, F2011124
Prolonged magmatism, juvenile nature and tectonic evolution of the Chinese Altai, NW China: evidence from zircon U-Pb and Hf isotopic study of Paleozoic granitoidsCai, K; Sun, M; Yuan, C; Zhao, G; Xiao, W; Long, X; Wu, F.Y2011127
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