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Technology-enhanced learning for improving complex problem-solving expertiseYuan, B; Wang, M; Kushniruk, A; Peng, J201330
Earliest Evidence of Human Activities on Northern Tibetan PlateauYuan, B; Huang, W; Zhang, D2007107
A new subdivision technique for grating based on CMOS microscopic imagingYuan, B; Yan, H; Cao, X; Lin, B2007333
New evidence for human occupation of the northern Tibetan Plateau, China during the Late PleistoceneYuan, B; Huang, W; Zhang, D2007153
Pseudoelastic porous shape memory materials for biomedical and engineering applicationsYuan, B; Chung, JCY; Yeung, KWK; Cheung, KMC2005151
Study of sediments in the Yutian-Hotan Oasis, south Xinjiang, ChinaLi, B; Zhang, D; Zhou, X; Zhu, F; Yuan, B; Mu, G; Li, S; Yan, M; Jin, H; Gao, Q; Sun, W2002131
Multi-agent Systema nd Its Application in Power SystemsLiu, H; Yuan, B; Dai, H; Qi, D; Jiao, L; Ni, Y; Wu, FF2001104
Current controller for active power filter based on optional voltage space vectorZeng, J; Ni, Y; Diao, Q; Yuan, B; Chen, S; Zhang, B2001129
Framework design of a general-purpose power market simulator based on multi-agent technologyLiu, H; Yuan, B; Dai, H; Lin, J; Ni, YX; Wu, FF2001358
Power flow tracing for transmission open accessWei, P; Yuan, B; Ni, Y; Wu, FF2000363
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