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Human infection with avian influenza A(H7N9) virus re-emerges in China in winter 2013Chen, E; Chen, Y; Fu, L; Chen, Z; Mao, H; Wang, D; Ni, MY; Wu, P; Yu, Z; He, T; Li, Z; Gao, J; Liu, S; Shu, Y; Cowling, BJ; Xia, S; Yu, H201323
Holocene temperature fluctuations in the northern Tibetan PlateauZhao, C; Liu, Z; Rohling, EJ; Yu, Z; Liu, W; He, Y; Zhao, Y; Chen, F201342
Larval and Post-Larval Stages of Pacific Oyster (Crassostrea gigas) Are Resistant to Elevated CO2KO, WK; CHAN, BS; RAMADOSS, D; Muthukumar, S; Choi, KS; Li, JA; Yu, Z; Vengatesen, T201329
Elevated CO2 alters larval proteome and its phosphorylation status in the commercial oyster, Crassostrea hongkongensisRAMADOSS, D; Vengatesen, T; Yu, Z; Shu, X; Priscilla, TYL; LANE, AC201318
First-principles investigation of quantum transport through an endohedral N@C60 in the Coulomb blockade regimeYu, Z; Chen, J; Zhang, L; Wang, J201324
Analysis of Pacific oyster larval proteome and its response to high-CO 2Dineshram, R; Wong, KKW; Xiao, S; Yu, Z; Qian, PY; Thiyagarajan, V201266
Oyster larval proteome response to long-term high-CO<font size=-1><sub>2</sub></font> exposureRamadoss, D; Vengatesen, T; Yu, Z201243
Identification of DEC1-interacting protein DNAJB6 and its role in esophageal squamous cell carcinomaYu, Z; Wong, VCL; Chan, KW; Lung, ML201247
Characterization of PHF11, a candidate tumor suppressor gene, in esophageal squamous cell carcinomaCheung, WY; Ko, JMY; Yu, Z; Lung, ML201267
Multidisciplinary studies in environmental archaeology with particular reference to China: an introduction to the special issueZong, Y; Chen, Z; Yu, Z2012103
The role of DNAJB6 in esophageal squamous cell carcinoma metastasisYu, Z; Wong, V; Lung, ML201164
Uniformly consistent confidence intervals under smooth function modelsYu, Z; Lee, SMS201168
Role of DNAJB6 in epithelial-mesenchymal transition in esophageal squamous cell carcinomaYu, Z; Wong, CL; Lung, ML201047
Bootstrap under nonstandard conditionsYu, Z; Lee, SMS201046
Technology transfer and the South's participation in an international environmental agreementQiu, LD; Yu, Z200946
Plasma 25-hydroxyvitamin D concentration and metabolic syndrome among middle-aged and elderly Chinese individualsLu, L; Yu, Z; Pan, A; Hu, FB; Franco, OH; Li, H; Li, X; Yang, X; Chen, Y; Lin, X2009201
MicroRNA expression, survival, and response to interferon in liver cancerJi, J; Shi, J; Budhu, A; Yu, Z; Forgues, M; Roessler, S; Ambs, S; Chen, Y; Meltzer, PS; Croce, CM; Qin, LX; Man, K; Lo, CM; Lee, J; Ng, IOL; Fan, J; Tang, ZY; Sun, HC; Wang, XW2009543
Photoluminescence of electron-and neutron-irradiated n-type 6H-SiCZhong, Z; Gong, M; Wang, O; Yu, Z; Yang, Z; Xu, S; Chen, X; Ling, C; Fung, H; Beling, CD200662
Strontium contents of a Porites coral from Xisha Island, South China Sea: A proxy for sea-surface temperature of the 20th centurySun, Y; Sun, M; Wei, G; Lee, T; Nie, B; Yu, Z2004116
Raman spectroscopic determination of extent of O-esterification in acetylated soy protein isolatesYu, Z; Ma, CY; Yuen, SN; Phillips, DL2004139
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