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Tropisetron alleviate early post-operative pain after gynecological laparoscopy in sevoflurane based general anaesthesia: A randomized, parallel-group, factorial studyMei, W; Li, M; Yu, Y; Cheung, CW; Cao, F; Nie, B; Zhang, Z; Wang, P; Tian, Y201418
A Study on the Bamboo Scriptures in Shanghai Museum on the Aspect of NomenclatureYu, Y201324
The Effectiveness of Chinese Phonology on the Study of Jing JuYu, Y201322
A Study on the Motive and Targetting Group of Thomas Wade's Yuyan-zier-jiYu, Y201321
Ultrasound-mediated transscleral delivery of macromolecules to the posterior segment of rabbit eye in vivoSuen, WL; Wong, HS; Yu, Y; Lau, CML; Lo, ACY; Chau, Y201325
A Study On The Phonological History Of Peking Opera (In Chinese)Yu, Y201247
DNA aptamers that inhibit aggrecanase activity for degenerative disc disease and osteoarthritis therapyYu, Y; Tanner, JA201231
Twenty Years of ResearchYu, Y201242
Tailored Selection of Nucleic Acid Aptamers against Sclerostin and Aggrecanase for Skeletal Disease TherapeuticsYu, Y; Chan, WL; Shum, KT; Tanner, JA201266
The effects of firm-initiated clawback provisions on earnings quality and auditor behaviorChan, LH; Chen, KCW; Chen, TY; Yu, Y2012110
Hydrogen-rich saline prevents neointima formation after carotid balloon injury by suppressing ROS and the TNF-α/NF-κB pathwayQin, ZX; Yu, P; Qian, DH; Song, MB; Tan, H; Yu, Y; Li, W; Wang, H; Liu, J; Wang, Q; Sun, XJ; Jiang, H; Zhu, JK; Lu, W; Huang, L2012131
Aggrecanase expression, refolding, puriffication and characterization as a foundation for tailored differential SELEXYu, Y; Tanner, JA201257
Short-Sales Constraints: Reductions in Costs of Capital or Overvaluation? Evidence from Hong KongChang, EC; Cheng, JW; Pinegar, JM; Yu, Y201219
Developing a new approach to degenerative disc disease therapy: DNA aptamers to inhibit aggrecanasesYu, Y; Tanner, JA201261
Over-expression of PDGFR-β promotes PDGF-induced proliferation, migration, and angiogenesis of EPCs through PI3K/Akt signaling pathwayWang, H; Yin, Y; Li, W; Zhao, X; Yu, Y; Zhu, J; Qin, Z; Wang, Q; Wang, K; Lu, W; Liu, J; Huang, L2012122
Nucleic acid aptamers against ADAMTS as a new therapeutic approach against degenerative disc diseaseYu, Y; Chan, D; Tanner, JA2011130
Implementing multi-qubit entanglement of two-level systems inside a superconducting phase qubitYu, LB; Xue, ZY; Wang, ZD; Yu, Y; Zhu, SL2011177
Impact and consequences of school-based assessment (SBA): Students' and parents' views of SBA in Hong KongCheng, L; Andrews, S; Yu, Y2011167
An integrated pricing and deteriorating model and a hybrid algorithm for a VMI (vendor-managed-inventory) supply chainYu, Y; Huang, GQ; Hong, Z; Zhang, X2011318
Understand and promoting oral health of Indonesia domestic helpers in Hong KongChan, C; Ho, CH; Kot, S; Kwok, L; Kwong, W; Mak, S; Ng, Z; Szeto, W; Yu, Y; Gao, X2011103
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