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Extracranial head and neck schwannomas: A study of the nerve of originLiu, HL; Yu, SY; Li, GKH; Wei, WI2011187
Expression of B7-H3 and TCL-R in oral squamous cell carcinomaTang, J; Yu, SY; Wang, HY; Zwahlen, RA; Zheng, L; Yang, HY2011115
Self-assembly, structures, and photophysical properties of 4,4′-bipyrazolate-linked metallo-macrocycles with dimetal clipsSun, QF; Wong, KMC; Liu, LX; Huang, HP; Yu, SY; Yam, VWW; Li, YZ; Pan, YJ; Yu, KC200857
Au36 crown: A macrocyclization directed by metal-metal bonding interactionsYu, SY; Sun, QF; Lee, TKM; Cheng, ECC; Li, YZ; Yam, VWW2008158
Self-assembly of a neutral luminescent Au 12 cluster with D 2 symmetrySun, QF; Lee, TKM; Li, PZ; Yao, LY; Huang, JJ; Huang, J; Yu, SY; Li, YZ; Cheng, ECC; Yam, VWW200874
A chiral luminescent Au 16 ring self-assembled from achiral componentsYu, SY; Zhang, ZX; Cheng, ECC; Li, YZ; Yam, VWW; Huang, HP; Zhang, R200560
Syntheses, Luminescence Behavior, and Assembly Reaction of Tetraalkynylplatinate(II) Complexes: Crystal Structures of [Pt(tBu3trpy)(C≡CC5H4N)Pt(tBu3trpy)](PF6)3 and [Pt2Ag4(C≡CC≡CC6H4CH3-4)8(THF)4]Yam, VWW; Hui, CK; Yu, SY; Zhu, N200451
An experimental study on molecular dynamics simulation in nanometer grindingLin, B; Yu, SY; Wang, SX200399
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